50+ Ethical Clothing Brands

Ethical clothing can be tricky to find, but don’t worry! Here is a list of 50 ethical clothing brands and price guide! Find affordable ethical clothing brands and high end ethical brands. Fair trade fashion, sustainable style, and conscious consumerism are aspects of these brands. Use this ethical clothing brand guide to easily shop your values and be part of the fashion revolution.

$-under $75

$$- $75-$200


Styled in and photo from  ABLE

Styled in and photo from ABLE

Styled and picture from  Dazey LA

Styled and picture from Dazey LA

Ethically styled in  Sydney Dress Bikes from Mata Traders  + Retro Recycled Glasses from  Retrospecced

Ethically styled in Sydney Dress Bikes from Mata Traders + Retro Recycled Glasses from Retrospecced

Wearing + photograph from  PrAna

Wearing + photograph from PrAna

Wearing + photograph from  Reformation

Wearing + photograph from Reformation

Ethically styled in  Nearady Top  from Tonlé +  Bolo Necklace from Acacia Creations  + Pants from traveling in Italy + Retro Glasses from  Retrospecced  +  Medium Copper Cuff from BRANDED Collective

Ethically styled in Nearady Top from Tonlé + Bolo Necklace from Acacia Creations + Pants from traveling in Italy + Retro Glasses from Retrospecced + Medium Copper Cuff from BRANDED Collective

Styled + pic from  Victoria Road

Styled + pic from Victoria Road

  1. ABLE: ($$-$$$) ABLE employs and empowers women living in developing countries to create economic growth and reduce poverty. Women are paid fair wages and provided with a safe work environment.  ABLE sells high quality leather goods, apparel, and accessories.

  2. Accompany: ($$-$$$) Accompany is a certified B Corporation which works with artisans around the globe to create fair trade fashion.

  3. Altar: Discover Altar at Made Trade. Altar works to create a sustainable USA made alternative to the vast majority of sweatshop-made clothing. Altar sources organic and naturally dyed textiles and works with deadstock fabrics and American milled textiles as often as possible.

  4. Alternative Apparel: ($-$$) Alternative Apparel focuses on transparency through fair wages, sustainable materials, & comfortable clothing. This brand presents casual, ethical clothing options for both men and women. Alternative Apparel's integrates sustainable practices through the use of materials such as Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester, Organic Cotton, Eco-friendly Dyes, & more.

  5. Amour Vert: ($$-$$$) Amour Vert focuses on sustainability and effortless style. Amour Vert apparel is ethically crafted in California using materials such as organic cotton, mulberry silk, & beechwood fabric. Amour Vert goes the extra mile and plants a tree in North America for every purchase made through their partnership with American Forest.

  6. Beaumont Organic: ($-$$) Beaumont Organic creates timeless style using organic materials.

  7. Boody: ($) Boody is encouraging consumers all over the world to add eco-friendly essentials to their wardrobe. Their affordable, ethically made bamboo viscose products allow consumers to explore and enjoy the comfort of eco-fibers through everyday basics such as bras, underwear, and activewear.

  8. Connecticut Country Clothing: ($$$) Connecticut Country Clothing specializes in blazers. This brand is plus size inclusive with sizes up to 22. The ethically crafted blazers are made in limited runs using with organic, sustainable fabric.

  9. Dazy LA: ($-$$) Dazey LA celebrates slow fashion with their bold feminist designed tees which empower women through retro style. Apparel is ethically made in Los Angeles and designs are drawn and photographed by the founder. Use the code HONEST10 for 10% off your order.

  10. Eileen Fisher ($$$) Eileen Fisher is a high end, ethical fashion label using responsible materials to craft timeless fashion. 

  11. Encircled: ($-$$$) Encircled creates effortless style with eco-friendly fabrics. All garments are ethically made in Canada.

  12. Everlane: ($-$$) Everlane partners with ethical factories around the world to ensure their clothes are crafted to last. Through their ethical practices and emphasis on quality materials Everlane fights for radical transparency in the apparel industry.

  13. Fair Anita ($) Fair Anita invests in the future of women around the world through artisan empowerment.Fair Anita currently works with 8,000 artisans in 16 different countries creating fair trade clothing & accessories while paying artisans three times the minimum wage.

  14. Fair Indigo: ($-$$$) Fair Indigo focuses on fair trade practices through versatile style.

  15. Flood Clothing: ($$) Flood Clothing works with recycled materials to create one of a kind zero waste style.

  16. Girlfriend Collective: ($) Girlfriend Collective focuses on ethically made activewear.

  17. Give a Damn Goods ($): Through their partnerships with ethical suppliers, Give a Damn Good's quirky tees provide fair employment opportunities to communities in Haiti. Give a Damn Good’s tees are crafted using organic and recycled materials.

  18. Groceries Apparel: ($-$$) Groceries Apparel adds a bold twist to casual style by using eco-friendly materials. These garments keep consumers comfortable and confident, knowing their apparel is responsibly made. 

  19. Jackalo ($$) is a sustainable brand of children’s clothing that is ethically made and crafted to last. This kid’s clothing brand encourages parents to invest in high quality products for their children & take part in circular fashion.

  20. Known Supply: ($) KNOWN SUPPLY is humanizing the apparel industry through collaborative partnerships which encourage, educate, and empower businesses to take part in social impact.

  21. Krochet Kids: ($) Krochet Kids works with vulnerable women who live in impoverished women around the world through their partnership with Capable. Capable is a holistic program providing education and financial mentorship to employees. Employees are provided with fair wages and safe working environments.

  22. Liz Alig: ($$) Liz Alig strives to create functional, fair-trade fashion for the modern woman. Liz Alig's purposeful fashion is crafted with a transparent supply chain, socially responsible materials, and creates a positive impact for growing communities. 

  23. Maggie’s Organics: ($) Maggie’s Organics focuses on affordable organic basics.

  24. Mary Claret: ($$) Mary Claret creates beautiful linen apparel that is ethically made in America. 

  25. Mata Traders($$) Mata Traders is working to make fair trade fashion readily available to consumers through vintage inspired designs and affordable prices. Mata Traders works with artisan groups in India and Nepal providing fair wages, a safe space, and the tools needed for individuals to rise above poverty.

  26. Matter Prints: ($$-$$$) Matter Prints gives new meaning to traditional patterns by creating bold, modern statement pieces. Founded with inspiration and compassion, Matter Prints demonstrates the importance of slow fashion by working directly with eight artisan communities, positively impacting around 1,287 individual artisans. 

  27. Maven Women: ($$) Maven focuses on embracing the uniqueness of each woman through the style and sizing of their apparel. Maven Women creates dresses elegant, timeless day-to-evening perfect for the modern woman.

  28. Miakoda: ($$) Miakoda’s minimalistic apparel is ethically made in NYC using sustainable materials.

  29. Milo + Nicki: milo+nicki is a cruelty-free, certified organic, sustainable, and vegan womenswear capsule collection that sets the bar for end-to-end ethical production practices with banana fabric. Milo + Nicki’s collection can be found on Made Trade.

  30. Monkee Genes: ($-$$) Monkee Genes crafts responsible denim through their transparent supply chain. This brand focuses on using sustainable materials such as organic cotton.

  31. No Nasties: ($-$$) No Nasties clothing is vegan, fair trade and produced with 100% certified organic cotton. The Indian farmers who grow the organic cotton are paid a premium for their harvest and a tree is planted for every product sold. No Nastie’s ethical clothing collection can be found at Made Trade alongside a wide variety of ethical goods.

  32. PACT: ($) PACT Apparel specializes in affordable basics. PACT Apparel is made with organic cotton and created in Fair Trade Certified factories.

  33. Passion Lilie: ($-$$)Passion Lilie is a fair trade and eco-friendly apparel brand with a mission to empower artisans across the world by creating dignified employment opportunities.

  34. Patagonia: ($$-$$$) Patagonia focuses on environmental and social responsibility. Patagonia works to reduce their own carbon foot print and make sure their garments are produced under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions throughout the supply chain. Patagonia has a range of apparel including women's apparel, men's apparel, & children's clothing

  35. People Tree: ($$-$$$) People Tree uses organic cotton and ethically sourced materials to produce fair trade apparel. As part of the World Fair Trade organization, People Tree provides their Indian artisans and employees with fair wages and a positive work environment. Use the code HONEST10 to receive 10% off.

  36. PERI: ($$) PERI focuses on eco-friendly materials and fair trade practices through their California inspired garments.

  37. PrAna: ($$) Prana focuses on fair trade, sustainability, and giving back. Prana uses materials such as recycled wool, 100% organic cotton, and recycled polyester. Prana partners with local and international charities to give back.

  38. Reformation: ($$$) Reformation focuses on bold, sustainable fashion by investing in eco-friendly practices and valuing the people who craft their apparel. Reformation garments are consciously crafted using linen, deadstock material, viscose, and other sustainable materials.

  39. Renewal Workshop: ($-$$) Renewal Workshop works to repair and resell garments to reduce the amount of textiles that end up in our landfills.

  40. Round + Square: ($$) Round + Sqaure creates playful fashion that gives back to Equality Now. Their apparel makes a statement and starts the conversation about gender inequality.

  41. Sharehope: ($) ShareHope is a people oriented activewear brand empowering garment workers in Haiti. Profits from their ethically made leggings are reinvested into educational and health focused social programs, furthering the growth of garment workers and creating bright futures for Haitian workers. 

  42. Siempre Viva: ($-$$) Siempre Viva’s vibrant textiles combine Mexican culture with modern style. The socially responsible clothing line creates economic opportunity by empowering women through employment and preserving ancient traditions. Siempre Viva works with artisans from various indigenous areas in such as Suchitlan, Colima, and San Cristobal de las Casa, Chiapa. 

  43. Soul Flower: ($) Soul Flower is a natural clothing brand for kind souls and free spirits. Mindfully made with natural fibers and heartfelt art, we design our threads with kind vibes from start to finish. We seek inspiration in the simplicity of everyday life – in nature and in music, in free-spirited adventures and in like-minded souls.

  44. Symbology: ($$-$$$) Symbology is working to make fair trade sexy through their stylish apparel. Symbology apparel is ethically made through their artisan partnerships in India.

  45. Synergy Organic Clothing: ($) Synergy Organic Clothing creates fashion forward clothing for women and men. Always striving to be mindful and conscious in every facet of business, Synergy Organic Clothing produces sustainable and organic fair trade clothing that lets you look and feel your best. Radiate effortless style while treading gently on the Earth.

  46. Thought: ($$)Thought (formerly known as Braintree) uses sustainable materials and ethical practices to create eclectic style. 

  47. Threads 4 Thought: ($-$$) Threads 4 Thought creates their apparel using responsibly sourced & eco-friendly materials.

  48. Tonle: ($-$$) Tonle is a zero waste fashion label working to empower makers in Cambodia through their fair trade practices.

  49. VETTA Capsule: ($-$$) VETTA Capsule focuses on curating mini-capsule wardrobes through ethical practices and minimalistic style. VETTA Capsule uses sustainable materials and responsible factories to create their apparel.

  50. Victoria Road: ($-$$) Victoria Road is bridging cultures through design. Through their collaborative partnerships with designers and artisans, Victoria Road works to bring South Asian culture to U.S. markets. Ethically made and members of the Fair Trade Federation, Victoria Road is sure to keep your little one smiling. Victoria Road even has a fun line of matching apparel for moms and daughters.

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