Passion Lilie: Bold Empowering Fashion

Passion Lilie’s bold style empowers consumers wearing their apparel and the artisans who craft these beautiful goods.  Passion Lilie provides sustainable employment opportunities to artisans in India through the crafting of eco-friendly clothing and accessories.

While traveling in India, Passion Lilie founder, Katie had the opportunity to further her understanding of fair trade by working with a few artisan groups. During a conversation with one of the artisan embroiders Katie asked the woman what she would wish for if she could have anything in the world. The artisan responded that she would wish for happiness and prosperity for children.

Katie was inspired by this response and felt called to take action. She wanted to create sustainable employment opportunities that would allow these women to provide for their families. During her time in abroad Katie also witnessed how charity was not a long term sustainable option for communities in developing countries. Through these experiences she realized the importance of building transparent, trusting relationships. Katie wanted to make sure honest relationships were part of her own brand. All of the experiences she had in India lead to the founding of Passion Lilie.

Passion Lilie creates ethical apparel using eco-friendly materials while meeting fair trade standards. Artisans are paid fairly, provided with a safe work environment, and provided with long term employment opportunities. Passion Lilie works with a few different artisan groups who are paid fair wages for skills such as stitching, block printing, and weaving. Passion Lilie is a member of the Fair Trade Federation which is great because members are vetted and approved based on following fair trade principles and making a positive impact.

Since founder Katie has a background in retail and costume design, she personally designs all the goods at Passion Lilie. The bold patterns are fun and great for expressing yourself. Passion Lilie artisans craft these garments in India using materials such as certified organic fleece, woven cotton, and dyes.  While commonly known for their women’s apparel, Passion Lilie is unique because they have a men’s line of clothing and home goods too! This is wonderful because ethical men’s clothing and home goods can be hard to come by! I love that Passion Lilie is doing it all!! And I also really appreciate their price point! Their prices are budget friendly for those beginning to explore fair trade which is great!

I definitely recommend checking out Passion Lilie’s new Fall collection! Lots of fun patterns and colors for the chilly seasons! I’ve been wearing my Snuggle in Hearts Sweater quite a bit! It’s perfect for this Seattle Fall weather. The sweater is lightweight and the black and white colors make this great for pairing with jeans or leggings….or sweatpants too because it’s just that cozy!! Made with 100% Organic Jersey, this sweater’s cute heart style print sure to steal your heart!

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