20+ Budget Friendly Ethical Summer Sundresses

Stay cool and stylish this summer with ethically made & sustainable sundresses! These ethical dress brands are affordable and fun! All dresses in this guide are under $100, feature organic cotton dresses, sundresses made from recycled materials, and more!

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20+ Fair Trade Clothing Brands to Love

Fair trade clothing companies are fighting against fast fashion by offering their garment workers livable wages, respectable working conditions, and empowering the people through out their supply chain. Wear your values with these fair trade clothing brands changing the world! This list of fair trade clothing brands even has a pricing guide to accommodate various budgets. While not all of these brands are officially fair trade certified, they all use fair trade principles through out their supply chain. Clothing companies certified by a third party fair trade organization are specified below.

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ROUND + SQUARE: Ethical Clothing Supporting Equal Rights

ROUND + SQUARE’s ethical clothing supports equal rights, sustainability, and transparent supply chains. ROUND + SQUARE clothing is crafted using organic cotton and donates 10% of profits to Equality Now, a non-profit fighting for legal rights for women and girls around the world.

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12 Memorial Day Weekend Sales for Conscious Consumers

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! If you’re planning to shop the sales, please shop socially responsible brands! Sales like these are a great opportunity to kick start your conscious closet with more affordable ethical clothing, home goods, and accessories! Check out these ethical brands having sales and support their conscious values. I’ve listed discount codes and all.

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What's The Deal With Microplastics in Clothing?

Microplastics seem to be a topic of growing conversation in regards to clothing. So what are microplastics? Why are microplastics in our clothes? And how are microplastics harming the environment? Let’s discuss & see how we, as conscious consumers, can take action!

Basically microplastics are what they sound like…tiny pieces of plastic. Clothing made with synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic have plastic in them. Microplastics are typically released when washing garments made from these synthetic fibers. A lot of our athleisure wear such as leggings are crafted using these synthetic fibers.

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100+ Socially Responsible Brands to Shop

Looking for socially responsible brands to shop? I’ve got you covered! There are so many brand making a positive impact through ethical craftsmanship, sustainable initiatives, and giving back! Taking part in a socially responsible lifestyle can be as easy as supporting socially responsible brands! Here are 100+ socially responsible brands to LOVE! This list has socially responsible clothing brands, accessories, home goods, wines, and more!

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5 Reasons I Still Won't Shop at H&M During Their Sustainability Push

Well if you haven’t heard by now H&M is moving towards sustainability. I’m not writing this to hate on H&M, but to simply explain why I prefer not to shop with them. I’ve procrastinated writing about H&M’s sustainability push for a few reasons.

  1. I DO think it is important that large companies like H&M to move towards social and environmental sustainability. And I think it’s good they’re doing something even if they have a way to go.

  2. I understand it takes large companies time to transition their supply chain to be ethical and sustainable on such a large scale.

  3. I try to focus on the positives and support companies that are trying to take positive steps, but I struggle with H&M’s motives.

BUT after a few of my friends asking if I’ll shop at H&M now that they’re “sustainable,” I’ve decided to write. So here are my thoughts and why I personally do not shop at H&M. I have read parts of H&M’s Sustainability Report which helped me come to the conclusions below.

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30 Brands That Give Back When You Shop

Love making an impact with your purchase? Check out this list of brands that give back featuring over 30+ socially responsible brands giving back to different causes.

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The Basics of Repairing Clothes: 3 YouTube Tutorials

We all know the feeling of getting a hole in our favorite t-shirt…or a button popping off our pants! Unfortunately, so many people throw their clothing away when garments begin to show wear. But you can mend your clothes instead of sending them to the landfill. Check out these helpful tutorials on mending clothes! Save your wardrobe and save the planet by mending what you have!

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It's World Fair Trade Day! Why is Today Important?

Everyday should be a day to celebrate fair trade! Today is World Fair Trade Day a day of heightened awareness and education surrounding fair trade. So I’m going to chat fair trade for a bit and answer some common questions!

To quote the source directly, “World Fair Trade Day is an initiative of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) that takes place on the second Saturday of May each year. It is an inclusive worldwide festival of events celebrating Fair Trade as a tangible contribution to sustainable development, especially the economic empowerment of small producers, gender equality in workplaces and responsible production practices.” -WFTO

What does fair trade mean?

To put it simply, fair trades values people, economic empowerment, and the environment.

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9 Ethical Clothing Brands Embracing Fun Prints & Bold Colors

Sometimes there are misconceptions that ethical clothing has to be minimalistic and all about the neutrals. I personally LOVE fun prints and bold colors. They keep my closet exciting! Here are some ethical clothing brands that I love because of their bold style and eye-catching looks that keep ethical fashion exciting and different! Keep your closet conscious & exciting with these fabulous ethical clothing brands!

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MOM&I by EK: Slow Fashion Statement Necklaces Sharing Stories

MOM&I by EK creates detailed statement necklaces that empower women in Turkey. The limited edition necklaces are crafted with love and serve as a great conversation starter. Through MOM&I by EK’s beaded crochet necklaces, this brand is encouraging consumers to invest in high quality, slow fashion accessories that can be worn for many years.

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5028: Small Batch Artisan Shoes Crafted with Upcycled Materials

5028 is a small-batch artisan shoe company focused on the art of crafting shoes through ethical practices and upcycled materials. Their limited edition shoes are crafted with deadstock materials making their shoes extra special due to only producing up to 250 pairs of a particular style/color. 5028 furthers their social impact by donating $5 from each pair sold to mental health support groups.

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What is Fashion Revolution Week & Rana Plaza?

This week is an incredibly important week! It's Fashion Revolution Week. Unfortunately, this is probably not something you'll see in the news or mainstream media here in the U.S., but it is a week that needs to be celebrated. This week we are asking #whomademyclothes, demanding transparency from brands, and remembering the victims of Rana Plaza.

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PACT: Affordable Organic Fair Trade Apparel

When I first started my ethical fashion journey as a sophomore in college, PACT was one of the first brands I purchased from. As a college student I loved their affordable prices, organic materials, and fair trade principles. Four years later and I’m still in love with the quality of PACT’s organic clothing. If you’re not familiar with PACT, it is a great time to learn about this sustainable brand because they’re having a huge Earth week sale with 30% off site wide!

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Jackalo: Sustainable Kids Clothing Crafted to Last

Jackalo is a sustainable brand of children’s clothing that is ethically made and crafted to last. This kid’s clothing brand encourages parents to invest in high quality products for their children & take part in circular fashion. Great lessons to start teaching kids at a young age!

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Dazey LA: Allies of All Sizes Campaign

Have you all shopped with Dazey LA before? I love what they stand for! Their social justice tees, retro-inspired style, and support for women owned businesses make this a great ethical clothing brand to support. Their clothes are ethically made to-order in LA using 100% certified organic cotton.

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Where to Shop Ethically? 15 Ethical & Sustainable Online Boutiques

Online ethical boutiques are a great way to shop, especially if you’re new to ethical fashion & conscious consumerism. Online ethical boutiques expose consumers and allow shoppers to purchase from multiple brands in one place. But “where to shop ethically online?” is a common question. These online ethical boutiques below are great one-stop shops for ethical clothing, ethical gifts, and more.

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5 Transitional Pieces for Spring

Happy second day of spring! The transition into spring can mean some unpredictable weather….Chilly in the mornings, yet hot and sunny in the afternoon. During this time of year I think it’s important to focus on the transitional pieces we have in our closet. What are good clothing items that can be worn in the transitional period to spring? Clothes that can function between multiple seasons are GREAT and practical. Here are five transitional spring pieces I have in my closet and have been wearing the past week.

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Just Ethical Goods: Connecting Consumers to Ethical Brands

Just Ethical Goods is a thoughtfully curated marketplace encouraging consumers to discover & shop socially responsible brands. The beautiful website is user friendly allowing consumers to shop their values and easily sort goods by fair trade, organic, made in the USA, and recycled materials.

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