9 Affordable Ethical Fashion Brands Making It Easy to Say Goodbye to Fast Fashion

Starting a conscious closet can be overwhelming and I think price point tends to turn a lot of people away. There is a misconception that ethical fashion has to be more expensive. I don't think it HAS to be expensive. I think you have to know how to shop it. Here are a few brands and discount codes to give you a few ideas on how to shop ethically on a budget. 

Love Justly: Ethical, Affordable, & Gives Back

Love Justly works in partnership with ethical clothing companies to purchase their excess stock, reselling the fairly made items at a more affordable price in their online boutique. With a large variety of clothing under $50 this is the ideal budget friendly place to begin your conscious closet. Love Justly offers free shipping and free returns on orders over $50 making it easy for consumers to explore ethical fashion risk free. 5% of Love Justly profits give back to Legacy Collective which is an organization that focuses on partnering, pioneering, and funding solutions that last.

Everlane: Sleek Style That Won't Break The Bank

Everlane partners with ethical factories around the world to ensure their clothes are crafted to last. Through their ethical practices and emphasis on quality materials Everlane fights for radical transparency in the apparel industry. With basic tees around $20 and button downs running around $50, Everlane is an affordable way to stay styling. Everlane makes it easy for consumers to try out their clothing by providing free shipping and easy returns for orders of two or more items.

Dazey LA: Retro Slow Fashion Celebrating Women

Dazey LA celebrates slow fashion with their bold feminist designed tees which empower women through retro style. Apparel is ethically made in Los Angeles and designs are drawn and photographed by the founder. A majority of Dazey LA's tops run around $50 and dresses around $70. Use the code HONEST10 for 10% off your order.

Give a Damn Goods: Affordable Ethical Clothing & a Bold Statement

Affordable Ethical Clothing
Affordable Ethical Clothing

Give a Damn Goods focuses on casual apparel that makes a bold statement. Give a Damn Goods partners with eco-friendly, conscious printing studios to print our designs on high quality, ethically made products. The new Own It collection encourages consumers to look past the pressure to have a perfect "Instagramable" and encourages people to embrace their imperfections. Our Own It Apparel Collection makes a statement and encourages others to know they're not alone in this messy journey of life. Clothing ranges from $25-$55.

Known Supply: Humanizing the Apparel Industry

Ethical Fashion fo Women
Ethical Clothes for Men
Budget Friendly Ethical Clothing Brands for College Students

KNOWN SUPPLY is humanizing the apparel industry through collaborative partnerships which encourage, educate, and empower businesses to take part in social impact. KNOWN SUPPLY's tees range from around $25-40 while dresses and pants range from $50-70. With bold style and fun prints, KNOWN SUPPLY is sure to keep your wallet happy and your wardrobe fresh.

PACT Apparel: Fair Trade, Organic, & Affordable

Affordable Fair Trade Organic Clothing
Affordable Fair Trade Organic Clothes for Men
Affordable Organic Tees

PACT Apparel specializes in affordable basics such as tees, hoodies, leggings, underwear, socks, and more. PACT Apparel is made with organic cotton and created in Fair Trade Certified factories. All of their apparel is under $60 which makes this a great place to start transitioning your wardrobe to ethical fashion. 

Tip: Sign up for their e-mails because PACT always has sales. 

Threads 4 Thought: Budget Friendly Sustainable Style

Sustainable Clothing Brands
Sustainable Clothing Brands for Men
Affordable Sustainable Clothes

Threads 4 Thought creates their apparel using responsibly sourced & eco-friendly materials. Their wide variety of styles includes fashionable activewear, bold dresses, and more. With tops ranging from $18-70 and bottoms ranging from $30-80 there is a wide range of price points as well. 

Krochet Kids: Socially Responsible Style

Socially Responsible Clothes
Ethical Clothing for Men
Affordable Ethical Clothing Brands

Krochet Kids works with vulnerable women who live in impoverished women around the world through their partnership with Capable. Capable is a holistic program providing education and financial mentorship to employees. Employees are provided with fair wages and safe working environments. Krochet Kids is great for budget friendly consumers with most tops ranging from $20-40 while dresses range from $50-60.

Tip: Sign up for their e-mails! They send discount codes out and sale notifications ALL the time! 

Alternative Apparel: Impactful Clothing

Affordable Sustainable Clothing
Sustainable Clothes for Men
Sustainable Style for men

Alternative Apparel is a clothing brand mindful of their impact on the planet and people. Their garments are ethically made with responsibly sourced materials such as organic cotton. With most tops ranging from $30-50 and pants ranging from $40-170 Alternative Apparel has a variety of price points depending on your budget. 

Tip: They offer a 20% student discount here.

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