Boody's Affordable Eco-friendly Essentials

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Boody is encouraging consumers all over the world to add eco-friendly essentials to their wardrobe. Their affordable, ethically made bamboo viscose products allow consumers to explore and enjoy the comfort of eco-fibers through everyday basics such as bras, underwear, and activewear.

Boody was founded based on four principles: sustainability, ethics, quality, & giving back. This brand demonstrates these through out their supply chain by focusing on responsibly sourced materials, valuing people, and creating quality products that last.

Thankfully essentials never go out of style! Instead of having to keep up with seasonal trends, Boody can focus on creating lasting pieces that customers can wear and enjoy everyday! So wonderful! Boody designs their bamboo viscose essentials with a “Good for you and our planet” mindset. Not only is bamboo viscose light and comfortable for the consumers, but bamboo is a renewable resource that regenerates quickly, requires little water, and minimizes CO2 while generating up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees.

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The bamboo used to make the yarn for Boody’s bamboo viscose products is organically grown without fertilizers or pesticides and no irrigation, only rain water, in China. Once harvested the bamboo is then soaked in a softening solution, enters a closed loop system where water is recycled, and eventually spun into yarn. A lot of Boody’s products are seamless and crafted through computer knitting which means there is no fabric wasted. Plus Boody products are made in a WRAP certified factory which ensures Boody pieces are produced under ethical conditions. Members from the Boody team visit the factories a few times a year to oversee and make sure the ethics of the factory coincide with those of the brand. And the result from all this wonderful work? Soft, moisture wicking basics to love!

Another fun addition to Boody’s social impact is their Giving Bracelets. 100% of profits from these bracelets are donated to Goodbye Malaria to fund the fight against malaria and Relate Organization which supports African entrepreneurs.

Recently I got to try out some Boody products and I LOVE them. I tried the Padded Shaper Bra, Shaper Bra, Cami Top, and the Boyleg Brief. I really appreciated the comfortable feel and lightweight of all the products. They felt breathable, stretchy, and soft which are all great characteristics to have in essentials that you wear everyday. I felt that Boody’s products fit true to size.

Boody Product Review

For someone with a larger chest the Padded Shaper Bra was particularly great. I typically do not like wearing bras, but Boody’s bras were comfortable and provided the support needed. I LOVED the fit of the Boyleg Briefs. It felt like I was just wearing comfy shorts. The Boyleg Briefs and Cami top are super comfortable to sleep in together.

If you’re looking for an affordable option to start your eco-friendly closet, I’d recommend trying out Boody’s essentials. Their price point, eco-friendly practices, and quality of goods are sure to make you a fan!

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