4 Ways to Support Small Businesses Without Spending a Dime

I think all small business owners want the support of their friends and family. But at the same time we don’t want our loved ones to feel pressured to support us financially by constantly purchasing our products or services. There are many ways to show your support for small businesses without spending a dime!

1) ASK.

This is one of the biggest things. Don’t be afraid to ask your friend how their business is going. Running a business (especially as a solo entrepreneur) is hard and sometimes they might need to vent or share exciting updates!

Having loved ones ask is something I know a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with. Their friends and family don’t ask about their business and they feel unsupported. As an entrepreneur I totally get it. On the flip side I think people tend to be intimidated by industries they are not aware of and they feel that as your loved one they should automatically understand what you do. SO as a love one of the entrepreneur, you might not know what to ask . BUT don’t be afraid to be honest and say, “I don’t really know what your business is/does, can you explain?” 1) This shows that you genuinely care and 2) It’s also good practice for the entrepreneur to explain their concept to people outside their industry! For me, a lot of people have no earthly clue what I mean when I say, “I run an ethical fashion & conscious lifestyle blog.” Yea, it’s not a traditional industry, but I’m always happy to explain! This has helped me refine the way I explain what my small business does and how I’m making an impact.

2) Like, Share, & Comment

Social media is SO important in running a small business. When you like, comment, or share the posts from your friend’s small business that is super helpful because it gets in front of more people. Posts with higher engagement rates show up more often in peoples newsfeeds, so by simply liking or commenting on a small businesses post you’re helping them get seen! Sharing is AWESOME because then all your friends & followers see the post that the small business made which helps drive traffic to their website & pages! If you want to get really fancy with it make your own regular posts on your social media accounts about how awesome their business is!

how to support small businesses without spending money

3) Show Up

For my business Give a Damn Goods I sell at vendor fairs and I always invite my friends because they are fun events. Eating, drinking, & shopping local creatives is a fun thing to do on the weekend! But I don’t want them to feel pressured to buy things! As an entrepreneur, I’m super grateful when they showed up & stopped by my booth! The more people in your booth, the more people want to come in! And it’s the same for other small businesses, if they’re planning an event, there is always a fear that nobody will show. So if you can just be present and show up that helps your small business owner friend a lot!

4) Word of Mouth

As powerful as social media is these days word of mouth still has a huge influence on people’s decisions. If you know of people looking for something specific and can refer them to your loved ones small business that is wonderful! Small business owners really appreciate when you send referrals our way!