4 Sustainable Activewear Brands You'll Love More Than Lululemon

Working out can have a positive impact on your health and body, so why not clothe your body in love too! Make sure your workout apparel has a positive impact on the planet & other people with these sustainable brands.

sustainable activewear brands

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective specializes in comfortable, casual activewear such as leggings, bras, tops, and more. Made in a fair trade factory and using recycled materials, this brand is leading the way in sustainable fashion.

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Threads 4 Thought

Threads 4 Thought creates their apparel using responsibly sourced & eco-friendly materials. Eco-friendly initiatives include water recycling in Threads 4 Thought's China factory and using low impact dyes to color garments. Threads 4 Thought garment factories in Kenya and India are Fair Trade Certified ensuring fair payment and treatment of workers. 

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Groceries Apparel

Groceries Apparel adds a bold twist to casual style by using eco-friendly materials. Groceries Apparel vision is to create ethically made, eco-friendly, and locally sourced clothing. In order to monitor the supply chain Groceries Apparel has their own factory in California. By opening their own factory, Groceries Apparel is able to work closely with the garment works to ensure they are paid livable wages and work in a safe environment. Eco-friendly materials used to create the clothes are sourced responsibly to ensure high quality goods.

Ethical Activewear


PrAna focuses on fair trade, sustainability, and giving back. PrAna uses materials such as recycled wool, 100% organic cotton, and recycled polyester in the creation of their garments. Their responsibly sourced materials are then crafted into high quality apparel. PrAna partners with local and international charities to give back.

Sustainable Yoga Brands

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