7 Slow Living Tips Humans Can Learn from Their Pets

Meet Jimmie (dog) & Theo (cat). Our little furry babies. Stunners huh?#adoptdontshop Both about 6 months old and quickly becoming best buds. Being a new pet owner can be a bit overwhelming when your animals are so young, but these little goobers have taught me a lot. Somedays I get frustrated when I’m working from home and they are going crazy. However, they remind me daily about the importance of slow living and unconditional love. Here are a few slow living tips I think, as humans, we could all take in and benefit from. We can learn quite a bit from our furry friends!

1) Stop & smell the roses (or the leaves if you’re unique)

Slow living tips from pets

Literally Jimmie stops to smell everything. Sometimes I get frustrated with him because he stops every couple of steps to sniff around. But when I was walking him the other day I stopped and reflected on how he’s encouraging me to slow down and take in what is around us. He’s never in a rush to get anywhere. He’s just happy to be out and happy to explore the space around him. I think humans (especially living the city life like I am) could benefit from slowing down and enjoying what is around us.

2) Enjoy the simple things in life. You don’t need a lot to be happy.

Jimmie and Theo find joy in the silliest things. But it’s great. They love playing in tissue paper when I accidentally leave it out after fulfilling orders. Theo loves to kick around pom-poms and empty paper towel rolls. Jimmie loves to play in the leaves. It’s funny because they have actual toys, but they tend to go for the simple household items and find so much joy in the basic things you’d never think of as toys.

Adopted Cat Napping

3) Cat naps are okay.

Whether it’s an actual nap or just a starring out the window, dazing off type of a break, humans need to take breaks too. Theo sleeps a lot, but he also likes to just gaze out the window and watch. I think people watching, walks, and just simply getting outside are great ways to take a break from the daily chaos. If you’re a human with the luxury of a job flexible in letting you take an afternoon nap, you should definitely take advantage of this. Afternoon naps are so beneficial and can help us recharge. Since I work from home, I occasionally squeeze in an afternoon nap and I always feel like my afternoon productivity increases after taking a break and letting my brain rest.

4) Don’t be afraid to take the time to make new friends & connections.

Similar to Jimmie stopping to smell the roses, he feels the need to say hello to every dog and person along the way. He’s a pretty small dog, but he’s fearless even when it comes to big dogs. He just wants to make new friends. What if humans took the time to show kindness and welcoming to random people on the street?

Adopt Don't Shop

5) But also don’t be afraid to be independent and do your own thing!

I think with social media humans get so caught up that they always have to be interacting with someone. Jimmie & Theo (when they want to be) can be very independent. They’re happy to play by themselves. Sometimes Jimmie just likes to roll in the dirt at the park while the other dogs are running around! Take life slow and be sure to do what YOU enjoy, not only what the people around you enjoy.

6) We’re all learning.

I’m learning. You’re learning. And the animals are learning. Sometimes I get frustrated when I’m trying to work at home and the animals are in crazy mode or have an accident. But it’s just a reminder that we’re all constantly learning and in order to grow sometimes we need to take time to stop and think.

7) Love the people (and animals) in your life unconditionally.

Dog and Cat friends

Even if I get frustrated with the animals they are stills so lovey! And they give you those adorable eyes. Jimmie & Theo love us (and each other) unconditionally. They like to pick at each other and bite each others tails, chase each other around, but at the end of the day they cuddle up together and are two peas in a pod. As humans we need to remember to love more unconditionally. Just because someone might get frustrated with you or have a different option than you, that doesn’t mean there has to be conflict. Care for each other & remember to show your love daily.

Take these lessons with an open heart and spread some joy today! Don’t be afraid to slow down and enjoy life. Also another tip, adopt don’t shop! We couldn’t be happier with our little babies!