Krochet Kids: Ethical Fashion Connecting Consumers to Makers

“The true measure of social impact is not how well you can care for someone in your presence, but how well they thrive in your absence.” -Krochet Kids

Krochet Kids founders, Travis, Stewart, and Kohl had an interesting high school hobby, crocheting. Little did they know that their hobby would turn into a successful social enterprise, lifting many out of poverty.

In college the three friends went their separate ways, but continued to travel and volunteer. Through various experiences they realized just how blessed they had been and gained a deeper understanding of poverty. The three friends realized that there was a lot of giving to global communities in need, but what the impoverished communities really needed was opportunity. Members from a community in Uganda voiced their desire to get a job. The college students revisited their high school hobby of crocheting to help.

In January 2008 the college students received their non-profit status and Krochet Kids was born. Travis, Steward, and Kohl started teaching women in Uganda how to crochet and grew a community dedicated to empowering each other. The Krochet Kid’s community continued to grow and expanded to Peru.  Krochet Kids commits to working with each crocheter for three years. During this time period crocheters are educated in business management and budgeting, learn how to crochet, receive a fair wage for their work, and are given a mentor. Upon graduation participants are self sufficient and go on to set a positive example for members of their family. Today over 150 people participate in Krochet Kid’s sustainable cycle of employment in Uganda and Peru. 

One incredible feature of Krochet Kids products is the “Know Who Made It” feature. On the tag of each garment the employee signs their name. After purchasing a Krochet Kid’s product you can go to their website, read about the individual who made your item, and send them a thank you note. The thank you notes are then part of their Thank You Ceremony where notes are read out to empower employees.

I have quite a few products from Krochet Kids. Their t-shirts are SO soft and fit comfortably. I love reading about the lady who made my item. The personal touch makes a difference. I invite you to check out their products and learn more about their mission.