Actively Spreading Love: ShareHope Ethical Activewear

ethically made leggings from haiti

ShareHope is a people oriented activewear brand empowering garment workers in Haiti. Profits from their ethically made leggings are reinvested into educational and health focused social programs, furthering the growth of garment workers and creating bright futures for Haitian workers. 

On a trip to Haiti in 2008, ShareHope founder, Cynthia learned that Haiti held much more opportunity and hope than expected. She found herself exploring the industrial park and familiarizing herself with the factories. Through these experiences she realized that most of the women working in the factories had backgrounds similar to her family, immigrants seeking opportunity and working hard to support their families. Cynthia learned that these people were not looking for handouts, but instead needed reliable jobs. In 2010 Cynthia launched ShareHope with a people centered business model. ShareHope values the overall well being of the garment workers and the quality of the goods being produced. ShareHope works closely with factories in Haiti to ensure quality activewear is produced, safe environments are provided for the workers, & fair wages are paid to the garment workers. 

ethical fashion leggings review

The ShareHope team goes the extra mile to ensure Haitian workers are taken care of through their non-profit, the ShareHope Foundation. The ShareHope Foundation provides men and women with access to social programs, bridging the gaps in Haiti's healthcare and education systems. Programs include focuses on Health Training, High School Completion, Sanitation and Waste Management, and more. By working closely with Haitian factory workers and providing these services, ShareHope is creating a can do attitude in Haiti. 100% of the profits from ShareHope apparel is donated to the ShareHope Foundation which allows these programs to positively impact the workers in Haiti.

I'm absolutely in love with my ShareHope leggings! Seriously such high quality and I love knowing they are ethically made. One of the BEST features of these leggings is the pockets inside. Honestly changed the way I look at leggings. The pocket is large enough to fit an iPhone 6/7. The fabric is great quality and these leggings are definitely built to last. I recommend checking out ShareHope to learn more & consider supporting their mission.