3 Zero Waste Clothing Brands for Eco-Conscious Consumers

On the hunt for zero waste clothing brands? They can be tricky to find! These are three zero waste clothing companies that I have tried and been pleased with their products! They are making the most of the resource they have and keeping materials out of landfills!

Wearing  Tonle shorts,  Give a Damn tee from  Give a Damn Goods , upcycled leather earrings, medium cuff from  BRANDED Collective ,  Crossover Sandals from Everlane , & purse from  Empire of Bees

Wearing Tonle shorts, Give a Damn tee from Give a Damn Goods, upcycled leather earrings, medium cuff from BRANDED Collective, Crossover Sandals from Everlane, & purse from Empire of Bees


These bold yellow, zero waste shorts are from Tonlé! Tonlé is a zero waste fashion label working to empower makers in Cambodia through their fair trade practices. Tonlé creates garments and accessories from excess fabrics and works to incorporate sustainable practices through out their supply chain.

Flood Clothing

Flood Clothing creates unique, one of a kind apparel made out of 100% recycled clothing. The crafting of each garment prevents textiles from ending up in the landfills. Flood Clothing is designed and hand sewn in Portland Oregon.

Matter Prints

Matter Prints gives new meaning to traditional patterns by creating bold, modern statement pieces. Founded with inspiration and compassion, Matter Prints demonstrates the importance of slow fashion by working directly with eight artisan communities, positively impacting around 1,287 individual artisans.Matter Prints is working towards zero-waste with their #mattermini line and jute bags. These eco-conscious products are made of excess fabric in order to keep textiles out of landfills.

Made Trade ethical fashion and home goods

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