KNOWN SUPPLY: Humanizing Apparel

KNOWN SUPPLY is humanizing the apparel industry through collaborative partnerships which encourage, educate, and empower businesses to take part in social impact.

As pioneers of social enterprise Kohl and Travis, two of the Krochet Kids intl. founders, were inspired to take their efforts a step further and focus on large scale projects. After ten years of growing Krochet Kids intl., they saw an excellent opportunity. Krochet Kids intl. helped customers put a name and face to the maker of apparel, bridging the gap between consumers and their goods. The innovative entrepreneurs had a vision to spread this impact further by creating an inclusive platform approach through apparel partnerships with growing companies. This led to the launch of KNOWN SUPPLY.  KNOWN SUPPLY works with their partners to educate and ensure each business' customized apparel is ethically manufactured. Apparel is made in KNOWN SUPPLY's factories in Uganda and Peru which provide fair wages and safe working environments for locals. Through their partnerships KNOWN SUPPLY is providing businesses with the resources to incorporate social impact into already existing initiatives. If a business is already creating shirts for their company, by switching the manufacturer to KNOWN SUPPLY this creates employment opportunities in Peru and Uganda and allows the business to be part of social change. 

So far KNOWN SUPPLY's partnerships have included Almond & Slightly Choppy, the End It Movement, the band FRENSHIP, and many more. Collaborative apparel can be found on KNOWN SUPPLY's website, partner's websites, and certain collections in stores, such as the Natural by KNOWN SUPPLY collection in Whole Foods. 

KNOWN SUPPLY is using technology to bridge the gap between consumers and their products. When a customer places an order, KNOWN SUPPLY follows up with an e-mail letting the consumer know more about the person that made their apparel. This gives shoppers a quick way to easily become educated on the making of their product. Similar to Krochet Kids intl., each garment is signed by the individual who made the item. These efforts remind consumers that there is a person behind each product. 

I absolutely adore my KNOWN SUPPLY Long Sleeve Tee! The flattering fit makes it perfect for dressing up or lounging around in. I love the bold color blue and the light weight of this tee. It's soft and incredibly comfortable! I want to buy one in every color, haha! Also, fun fact! You can customize your tee!!! I encourage you to check out KNOWN SUPPLY and consider supporting their efforts to be "The Most Human Brand."