ABLE employs and empowers women living in developing countries to create economic growth and reduce poverty. Women are paid fair wages and provided with a safe work environment.  ABLE sells high quality leather goods, jewelry, and accessories.

Consume with Love

Consume with Love specializes in vegan, fair trade, and cruelty free goods. 

Globe In

Globe In partners with artisans around the world bringing ethically made goods to consumers in America.

Krochet Kids

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Krochet Kids works with vulnerable women who live in impoverished women around the world through their partnership with Capable. Capable is a holistic program providing education and financial mentorship to employees. Employees are provided with fair wages and safe working environments.

Mother Erth

Mother Erth creates durable, zero waste bags made from recycled materials. Along with making a positive impact on the planet, these innovative bags also provide employment for low income mothers in the Philippines. 


Nisolo works with artisans in Peru, paying them fair wages and creating a safe work environment.

Terra Thread

Terra Thread creates fair trade organic bags through partnerships in India, providing employment to many. Terra Thread strives to keep their products affordable to encourage all consumers to take part in conscious consumerism.