Start your day out confidently by drinking a warm cup of fair trade or direct trade coffee! 

Singing Rooster works with farmers in Haiti to produce quality, Fair Trade coffee.

Equal Exchange has a variety of fairly traded blends from Africa, Latin America, and more.

EkoCups are perfect for your Keurig morning rush. The cups are recyclable while the coffee is organic & fair trade. 


Need a cozy pick me up? Try some fair trade tea! Check out these amazing brands who are positively impacting communities around the globe. While each may only have one flavor pictured, each brand has a large variety of flavors. 

Level Ground Trading produces tasty teas, grown organically and prepared by small-scale tea growers in India.

Moringa Madres grow and harvest Moringa leaves in order to  support their families. Shop Moringa tea through their partner Thistle Farms.

Equal Exchange ethically sources from small farmers in Africa, Asia, Latin America, & the United States.