Groceries Apparel: Ethical & Eco-friendly

Groceries Apparel adds a bold twist to casual style by using eco-friendly materials. These garments keep consumers comfortable and confident, knowing their apparel is responsibly made. 

Groceries Apparel was started with the vision of creating an ethically made, environmentally friendly, and locally sourced clothing brand. In order to monitor the supply chain and clothing creation process, Groceries Apparel created their own factory in California. By opening their own factory, Groceries Apparel is able to work closely with the garment works to ensure they are paid livable wages and work in a safe environment. Groceries Apparel has crafted over two million garments, creating over fifty full time jobs for California locals. With the factory being in Los Angeles, consumers can easily trace their garments back to where they came from due to Groceries Apparel transparent supply chain. 

Groceries Apparel continues their efforts of transparency by sourcing materials responsibly. Their popular organic cotton is sourced from Texas and and India. The popular Eucalyptus is sourced from California and South Africa. To create their high quality garments, Groceries Apparel uses other eco-friendly materials such as recycled cotton, recycled polyester, and hemp. Apparel is dyed using low-impact and plant based dyes, taking into consideration the effects on the planet.

My Groceries Apparel shirts are incredibly comfortable! The Organic Cotton Women's Vee is my summer go-to tee. The Mineral shade is perfect for adding a hint of purple to my wardrobe. The organic cotton keeps the shirt light and airy. The relaxed fit is wonderful too! I really love my white Eucalyptus Tencel Sweet Vee. I appreciate that the front of this tee is a double layer type of design, so the white tee isn't see through. I always struggle to find white tees that I actually like and this one is definitely one of my favorites! It's super soft too! My Organic Cotton Willy Tee has 3/4 sleeve and is light weight. Perfect for the beach when you want something to keep the wind from hitting you, but don't want to be too warm! I love the deep blue shade of this shirt and the loose fit! The Organic Cotton V-BRA is a cute triangle shape and perfect for any casual day!

I think Groceries Apparel is leading the way for ethical fashion made in the USA. Their products are high quality and ethically crafted. I encourage you to try out their apparel!

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