5 Reasons I Still Won't Shop at H&M During Their Sustainability Push

Well if you haven’t heard by now H&M is moving towards sustainability. I’m not writing this to hate on H&M, but to simply explain why I prefer not to shop with them. I’ve procrastinated writing about H&M’s sustainability push for a few reasons.

  1. I DO think it is important that large companies like H&M to move towards social and environmental sustainability. And I think it’s good they’re doing something even if they have a way to go.

  2. I understand it takes large companies time to transition their supply chain to be ethical and sustainable on such a large scale.

  3. I try to focus on the positives and support companies that are trying to take positive steps, but I struggle with H&M’s motives.

BUT after a few of my friends asking if I’ll shop at H&M now that they’re “sustainable,” I’ve decided to write. So here are my thoughts and why I personally do not shop at H&M. I have read parts of H&M’s Sustainability Report which helped me come to the conclusions below.

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The Basics of Repairing Clothes: 3 YouTube Tutorials

We all know the feeling of getting a hole in our favorite t-shirt…or a button popping off our pants! Unfortunately, so many people throw their clothing away when garments begin to show wear. But you can mend your clothes instead of sending them to the landfill. Check out these helpful tutorials on mending clothes! Save your wardrobe and save the planet by mending what you have!

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25+ Sustainable Clothing Brands

Sustainable clothing brands can be tricky to identify! This sustainable clothing brand guide includes some great brands that focus on using eco-friendly materials and keep the planet and people in mind while making clothes! Shop socially responsible and celebrate conscious consumerism.

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Brides for a Cause: Selling Wedding Dresses for Charity

Brides for a Cause is a non-profit bridal boutique that sells wedding dresses for charity. This unique bridal shop focuses on collecting & reselling wedding dresses while empowering women. The proceeds from wedding dresses sold are donated to woman focused charities. Since opening in 2012, Brides for a Cause has collected over 10,000 wedding dresses and donated over $700,000 to their charity partners.

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Affordable Organic Clothing Brands

While organic clothing is better for the people and the environment, it’s not always better for our wallets. Due to the high quality of what you’re purchasing organic cotton clothing will always be a bit more pricey, but it is possible to find organic garments under $100 and under $50! Here are a few brands that are making it affordable to start your organic clothing collection.

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8 Sustainable Brands Repurposing Plastic Water Bottles

Whenever I do vendor fairs for Give a Damn Goods people are always shocked when I inform them our shirts each have 6 recycled water bottles in them! Recycled water bottles are being turned into all kinds of awesome things these days! If you’re interested in learning more about the process, click here! Below we’ve listed innovative brands that are selling super cool products made from recycled water bottles! Prepare to be blown away!

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Ethical Fashion: A Guide to Purchasing Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits have made a comeback and they're here to stay! So here is a guide to purchasing ethical jumpsuits! So many brands have launched fun prints and bold styles! Check out a few of the suggestions.

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Sustainable Apparel & Waterway Clean Up: United By Blue

United By Blue is on a mission to show our oceans & waterways some love by removing trash all over the country. For each product sold, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways through organized community clean-ups.

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Recycled Water Bottles Turned to Sustainable, Stylish Table Settings: BottleCloth

Starting to dream up your holiday table setting? BottleCloth table linens are perfect for adding pizzazz with a touch of sustainability. BottleCloth's bold table linens are made out of recycled plastic bottles. 

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GoodBeads: Jewelry Encouraging Wildlife & Environmental Conservation

Want to "look good and save animals?" GoodBeads jewelry is carefully crafted with a love for nature and sustainable materials. For each piece of jewelry sold, GoodBeads donates $5 to a partnering nonprofit focusing on wildlife & conserving the environment. 

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Renewal Workshop: Repurposing Garments for Good

After working in the apparel industry, Renewal Workshop co-founders Nicole and Jeff noticed an opportunity to change the way brands view unwanted and excess product, in an effort to keep textiles out of landfills. For example, when a product is returned to a brand with a rip or a dysfunctional zipper, this garment cannot be sold as new apparel and typically ends up in a landfill.

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