PACT: Affordable Organic Fair Trade Apparel

When I first started my ethical fashion journey as a sophomore in college, PACT was one of the first brands I purchased from. As a college student I loved their affordable prices, organic materials, and fair trade principles. Four years later and I’m still in love with the quality of PACT’s organic clothing. If you’re not familiar with PACT, it is a great time to learn about this sustainable brand because they’re having a huge Earth week sale with 30% off site wide!

PACT’s budget friendly, organic clothing and basics make it easy for consumers to start building their eco-friendly wardrobe. PACT uses 100% Certified Organic Cotton grown in India to ensure high quality garments, clean materials on their customer’s skin, and because of the environmental impact. Organic cotton is incredibly important because pesticides used in conventional cotton can contaminate the environment causing health problems for farmers and negatively impacting developing communities. Since PACT’s Certified Organic Cotton does not use harmful chemicals or pesticides, this results in less water pollution than conventional cotton. By purchasing organic cotton products consumers are part of conserving water! PACT even keeps track of how much water their customers help save on the home page. So far PACT customers have saved 48,368,203 gallons of water!

PACT apparel is made in Fair Trade Certified factories in India. This guarantees fair payment and a positive work environment for garment industry workers. PACT customers can wear their garments with confidence knowing factory workers were treated with respect.

Recently, I got to try out a few pieces from their new spring line including the Cropped Pocket Leggings, the Lightweight Lounge Tee, and the Button Back Tank Dress. I LOVE everything I tried out! The Cropped Pocket leggings are comfortable and SO practical. For ladies who love running these are a must! You can keep your phone and other essentials in the side pockets when you go out. These leggings paired quite well with my Lightweight Lounge Tee which had a nice flowy fit. The lightweight and breathability of this shirt makes it a great transitional piece for spring. And I’m OBSESSED with the Button Back Tank Dress! I love the nautical colors and the ability to wear the buttons in the front or back of the dress. The fit of this dress is wonderful! Perfect for summer because of the tank top style and breathability! I can’t wait for it to warm up in the Pacific Northwest so I can wear this dress more often!

PACT is a great brand to look into as you build your conscious closet! I encourage you to take advantage of PACT’s Earth Week sale and try out their organic, fair trade clothing and basics! Choose organic & celebrate Earth Week with 30% off!

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