Where to Shop Ethically? 15 Ethical & Sustainable Online Boutiques

Online ethical boutiques are a great way to shop, especially if you’re new to ethical fashion & conscious consumerism. Online ethical boutiques expose consumers to new ethical brands & allow shoppers to purchase from multiple brands in one place. But “where to shop ethically online?” is a common question. These online ethical boutiques below are great one-stop shops for ethical clothing, ethical gifts, and more.


Made Trade

Made Trade is a curated online marketplace for exceptionally designed, ethically made goods. Shop with true transparency and discover responsibly sourced clothing, footwear, accessories, home goods, furniture and more.

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Love Justly

Love Justly works in partnership with ethical clothing companies to purchase their excess stock, reselling the fairly made items at a more affordable price in their online boutique. 5% of Love Justly profits give back to Legacy Collective which is an organization that focuses on partnering, pioneering, and funding solutions that last.

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Give a Damn Goods

Give a Damn Goods strives to empower consumers to recognize their purchase power by connecting customers with the stories behind the products. Give a Damn Goods specializes in conscious apparel that makes a bold statement and gifts that give back! Give a Damn and join the conscious community. Use HONEST10 for 10% off your purchase.

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If you’re looking for a sustainable marketplace to get some shopping done, you’re in luck! EarthHero is a one-stop shop for all things eco-friendly! This mindful marketplace carries a wide range of responsible brands and makes sustainable shopping easy with their variety of products. Use the code “honestconsumer” to receive 10% off.

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Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages focuses on a global maker to market movement by partnering with artisans around the world. Their global fair trade practices and inspiring work result in a one stop shop for home goods, gifts, and accessories.

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EcoVibe Apparel

EcovVibe is a Portland based women’s clothing boutique, EcoVibe Apparel focuses on affordable fashion that is ethically produced. You will find soft fabrics, on-trend pieces and everyday basics plus locally made jewelry and accessories. They also give back 1% of sales to local environmental causes through 1% For The Planet.

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Accompany partners with artisan groups around the globe who  are using fair trade practices. By empowering them economically these groups are able to give back to their community through community development programs. Accompany is a certified B Corporation.

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Established in 2017, Eco Eden emulates strength, dignity and empowerment. Eco-Eden’s brands, are part of the slow fashion community seeking to create quality products for consumers while not compromising on the quality of life for the artisans and producers.

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Ethical Trade Co.

Ethical Trade Co. carries a variety of ethically made products including bags, jewelry, home decor, coffee, & more. Their main focus is to end human trafficking through job creation. Most of the brands Ethical Trade Co. works with empower survivors! Use the code "thehonestconsumer" to receive 5% off your purchase!

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GOOD GIFTS was founded the principles of doing good, gifting good, & feeling good. This ethical online marketplace offers socially responsible goods for thoughtful gifting and a variety of choices for conscious consumers.

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GlobeIn has created a beautiful online marketplace for artisan made goods encouraging fair treatment and craftsmanship around the world. GlobeIn searches the world for exceptional craftwork created by artists in small collectives where their techniques are rapidly vanishing and connects consumers with these goods, allowing consumers to support the artisans and creating the demand for unique, worldly goods.

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Do Good Shop is a nonprofit, ethical marketplace empowering people around the globe to rise up out modern day slavery, injustice & poverty through fair, sustainable artisan employment.

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Redemption Market

Redemption Market is a woman-owned, ethical boutique which carries a variety of give back goods. This Phoenix-based marketplace specializes in fair trade gifts and spreading love through their empowering brand partnerships.

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The Etho

The Etho is a unique one-stop shop of ethical goods, partnering with artisans from around the world and connecting consumers to a variety of ethically crafted goods. This marketplace is on a mission to change the way consumers purchase online by encouraging customers to think about the impact of their purchases, through focusing on ethical trade, sustainability, & storytelling

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