Conscious Consumerism Isn't About Perfection

ethical clothing

Some consumers get intimidated by the idea of conscious consumerism because of the pressure that there is a “correct” way. Being a conscious consumer isn’t about doing everything 100% perfectly. Everyone is at a different point in their conscious lifestyle journey and if you’re doing something, you’re making a difference.

Being a conscious consumer doesn’t have to be every piece in your closet coming from an ethical clothing brand. It doesn’t have to be about limiting yourself to only ten minimalistic pieces. It doesn’t have to be only buying organic clothing. And it certainly doesn’t have to be about doing all of the above. It can be as simple as valuing what you have, shopping secondhand, avoiding fast fashion brands, or limiting impulse buys. The depth of your conscious consumer journey is up to YOU! Even by focusing on one of the characteristics I listed above you’re making a positive impact!

Quite often I see ethical fashion bloggers post wardrobes like the one pictured. A perfectly curated clothing rack of ten or so items at first it made my feel like I was doing this conscious consumerism thing wrong, but now after years in the ethical fashion scene it makes me laugh. I’ve accepted that will never be my wardrobe and that’s okay. My closet is a hot mess. Confession I despise doing laundry (I justify it by telling myself the less laundry I do the better for the planet ;) so there are clothes spread out. I have a lot more than ten pieces of clothing in my wardrobe. I like supporting ethical clothing brands that are making positive change and it keeps my wardrobe exciting. Minimalism isn’t really my style….I love fun prints and bold colors.

I practice conscious consumerism by supporting ethical clothing brands, valuing what I have, avoiding fast fashion brands, limiting impulse buys, and educating others on the various options they have to make a difference. And those are some of the characteristics that make me a conscious consumer. Your ethical fashion journey is unique from the journey of others! If a minimalistic capsule wardrobe works for you then kudos to you! Keep it up! And if it doesn’t….if you’re like me and you’re more of a hot mess closet type of gal that’s perfectly okay too! Everyone can be a conscious consumer!