Wonderful Things: Shop Responsibly on Amazon

ethical brands on amazon

Love the convenience of Amazon, but skeptical about the ethics of what you’re purchasing? Thankfully Wonderful Things is making it easy for consumers to find socially responsible products on Amazon.

After working with ethical clothing brands for eight years, co-founder Rachael noticed consumers were intimidated by conscious consumerism due to the misconception that social impact products are too expensive and the struggle of finding brands to trust. Rachael wanted to create a marketplace to show consumers that these do not have to be problems and shopping socially responsible can be affordable and accessible. Rachael decided to harness the incredible power of Amazon within Wonderful Things to encourage consumers to see how easy and convenient responsible shopping can be.

So how does Wonderful Things work?

Rachael spends time researching brands, products, and verifying their values. She checks certifications, cross references between Amazon and the brands website, and uploads products to Wonderful Things. Customers can shop on Wonderful Things like a regular online shop, but when it comes to check out customers are redirected to Amazon. Customers pay through their Amazon account, products are fulfilled through Amazon, and yes, this include Prime shipping too. Orders are delivered to happy customers and socially responsible businesses gain support! Woohoo!

Wonderful Things launched in April with over 15,000 items in their database! Currently they have over 17,000 items with a huge range of products including beauty & wellness products, women’s fashion, men’s fashion, and home goods. Within Wonderful Things products are labeled as Sustainably Made, Ethically Made, American Made, and/or Reduce & Reuse allowing consumers to easily identify and shop their values with their easy to read guide as follows.

sustainable brands on amazon
  • Sustainably Made: Sustainably made products divert waste from oceans and landfills and reduce toxic chemical use. When you purchase sustainable goods you are directly investing in your well being, the health of all living things, and the mission of environmental preservation.

  • Ethically Made: Ethically made production safeguards humane working conditions (voluntary, appropriately aged and well paid), while reducing global poverty. These products support the people that create them by providing healthy working environments and sustainable wages.

  • American Made: Products made in America save and create jobs, while stabilizing our economy. For every one american manufacturing job another 1.4 jobs are created in the local workforce. Plus American made products naturally have a lower carbon footprint than goods made overseas because of reduced shipping distances.

  • Reduce & Reuse: Reusable products lessen our reliance on single use items that end up in landfills or loose in the environment. Purchasing reusable products is one of the simplest ways to reduce waste - by not creating it in the first place.

how to shop ethically on amazon

I’m amazed with this innovative platform! The sleek design of the site makes it easy to navigate and discover products you’ll love. Wonderful Things even highlights responsible brands on their Articles page through interviews and write-ups. This is a great opportunity for customers to connect the story of their product to their purchase. Wonderful Things is a genius way for consumers to find everyday products that are socially responsible. Pretty much everyone uses Amazon, so why not use it responsibly? Wonderful Things is making is easy to take part in conscious consumerism! Check it out now!

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