Unproductive: 4:06pm


I'd planned on being productive today, but it didn't happen. I was going to get up, make coffee, and do my homework, finish it all. I got up, made coffee, but the mountain of homework is taunting me. I've been up since 7:00am with a knot in the pit of a stomach. I'm drained. Exhausted from constantly being anxious the past two days. I can't focus. I tried to read the chapter. I tried to answer the questions. My mind isn't in the right place. I can't process the material with so many anxious thoughts swirling around in my head and this uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach. I tried to take a nap to gain back my focus, but I was not able to fall asleep. Not feeling like this. Not with all the work I need to get done. I wish my teachers understood. Somedays I can't. 

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