6 Gift Ideas to Remind Anyone Struggling with Mental Health That They're Not Alone

I try to be very transparent with writing about my struggle with anxiety. I think the more we start the conversation we build a community and are able to remind others struggling that they are not alone. These are a few products I have tried and, as someone who struggles with mental health, honestly would have loved to receive as a gift of encouragement. If you have a friend struggling a nice gesture or positive reminder can go a long way.

BRANDED Collective: Positive Little Reminders

BRANDED Collective’s new inspirational cuffs are the perfect reminder that mental health is a journey. Inspired by the strong survivors of human trafficking BRANDED works with, the cuffs are stamped with encouraging phrases such as I am Enough, Little by Little, Courage Dear Heart, and Beauty from Darkness. Personally, I think all of these phrases are relatable to my own journey with mental health. Every day is a fight that takes courage, small steps, and recognizing that I am enough. The journey can be a struggle, but life is beautiful and worth it. I love that with these cuffs I am able to wear my heart out on my sleeve and have a positive reminder wrapped around my wrist.

Mental Health Gifts

Weighting Comforts: Sleep Soundly

Weighting Comforts is making it possible for troubled sleepers to catch some z's with weighted blankets. Weighted blankets have been used to help people with anxiety, depression, PTSD, autism, and insomnia reach a relaxed state. This family run company also provides employment opportunities for refugees through their partnership with the non-profit Sew for Hope. I sleep with my Weighted Blanket every night. The weight is comforting to me in times of anxiety. This is a great product to try for anyone who struggles with getting a good night of rest.

Sanaya Set: Self Care & Social Justice

Sanaya Set is a seasonal collection of intentional products focused on self care and social justice. This beautifully curated set, available by subscription or as a stand-alone purchase, is empowering womxn and educating individuals on intersectionality. The Sanaya Set may include items such as face masks, chocolate bars, books, and other items that encourage customers to take time for themselves and practice self care. I love the Sanaya Set because I think it’s a great conversation starter and educational too! The Sanaya Set boxes I’ve received would make a great care package for anyone who is struggling.

Ethical Subscription Boxes

The Own It Collection: Love Your Messy Life & Let the World Know


The Own It Collection by Give a Damn Goods encourages consumers to look past the pressure of striving for a perfect "Instagramable" and encourages people to embrace their imperfections. The Own It Collection makes a statement and reminds others they're not alone in this messy journey of life. With cozy ethical apparel reading Stressed, a Mess, but Still Ethically Dressed and Star of the Shit Show, The Own It Apparel Collection is a bold way to embrace whatever life throws at you. Personally I love the fun, bold sayings that are on this apparel because it encourages me to love my messy, beautiful life and serves as a good conversation starter with others. These connections remind me that we are all struggling in our own ways.

College in Color: Mental Health Resources for College Students

College in Color is a coloring book designed specifically for stressed out college students. Each page has a relatable scenario for students to color such as procrastination, adulting, feeling overwhelmed, and much more. Next to each image College in Color provides stress management tips specific to the scenario. Another cool feature about College in Color is that all the artwork is created by college artists. Coloring is very therapeutic to me when I’m feeling anxious. I used the College in Color coloring book when I was in college and it was a fun way to calm myself down and remind myself that I am not alone. The relatable scenarios served as a great reminder that others are struggling too.

college coloring book

Z Shoes: Walk in Self Love

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The Self Love Collection by Z Shoes has a few different colors and styles differentiated by empowering words such as Bold, Fierce, & Worthy. Customers can find a mix of black and white or pink and white shoes within the collection. These gorgeous leather sneakers are made from responsibly sourced leather. Z Shoes Organic empowers communities in developing areas through responsible material sourcing and craftsmanship of their sneakers. The new leather sneakers were designed to encourage women to feel confident in their own skin and embrace being perfectly imperfect. The “#ZFORSHE” campaign launched during women’s empowerment month and has continued to give back through their donations. For each pairs of Self Love shoes sold, Z Shoes donates $5 toward empowering women around the world. Z Shoes has partnered up with 3 amazing NGO. Each purchase directly supports their ongoing effort to empower women and create a world where no women is for sale. I really love these shoes because I think the symbolism of walking in shoes that say self love is a great reminder for consumers to walk in self love everyday regardless.

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