The Exhaustion of Anxiety + Social Interaction

Last night I pushed myself to get out of the house and attend a social event. I’d met a few of the people before, but didn’t know them well. It was a casual social + dinner event, but I felt like I was struggling to find things in common and relate. After those four hours I was anxious, my lips were chapped, the hang nails on my fingers were picked, and I was exhausted. I felt like I’d just run a marathon….but no it was just a simple social interaction. And it didn’t end there. That night I laid in my bed replaying conversations in my head…Could I have contributed to the conversation more? Why did I say that? Did I sound dumb? They probably think I’m a failure. Instead I tried to remind myself, you did it. You went. You survived. But the anxious thoughts kept winning.

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10:49 am: An Anxious Mind

Does anyone else ever have those days where the world just throws too much at you and you want to curl up in bed and cry? I’ve had a few of them recently. Days where the anxiety takes over me and I enter shutdown mode. I can’t think. I can’t be present. I can’t be productive. But I can physically feel the anxiety weighing down on me. Our little puppy dog has been sick for about a month and with multiple vet visits, waking up in the night with him, and having to take days off work to sit at the vet only to receive no answers….I’ve been struggling. I’ve fallen behind on work. I’m a sleep deprived mess. AND I haven’t been practicing adequate self care.

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Mental Health Struggles + Running a Small Business

My anxiety took over. My mind felt cloudy. So much to do. I didn’t know where to start or how to jump back in. And it started to consume me. Couldn’t sleep which took away my focus which decreased my productivity. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. I tend to beat myself up when these mental health moments (by moments I mean weeks of fogginess) happen because I feel like I’m failing my business and our community. And I know I shouldn’t. Mental health is real and it’s important. I have the privilege and opportunity to be self employment which allows me to stop and address my mental health when I need to.

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4 Self Care Reminders For The Holidays

The holiday season bring a lot of joy, togetherness.,..and anxiety. For those of us who struggle with mental health, it can be an incredibly difficult challenge to find that balance between self care, togetherness, holiday joy, and holiday stress. For me personally, I put a pressure on myself that I have to be with loved ones the entire time I’m home, since we live in another state. The pressure to spend time with everyone often results in me feeling drained and exhausted because I don’t practice self-care, specifically having downtime for myself. Here are a few thing I try to remind myself when going home for the holidays.

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The Honest Truth About Traveling for Work: How Your Mental Health Can Be Impacted

I think a lot of people my age (early 20s) dream of traveling for work. While it’s not something I do often, I’ve been doing a lot of it the past month which has been exciting and exhausting! One thing people don’t acknowledge about traveling for work is the toll it can take on your mental health.

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World Mental Health Day: 8 Phrases You Should Not Say to Someone Struggling with Mental Health

Happy World Mental Health Day! Try and take part in the conversation today whether you struggle with mental health or not. It's important to learn! You will definitely feel some angst in this post because, as someone who struggles with anxiety, I’ve been told the wrong thing SO many times. But I’m writing this because it’s important to educate people on how individuals struggling with mental health feel, what to say, and what not to say. Be sure to read to the end to learn a few phrases that you SHOULD use.

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Small Business Owner Struggles: Anxiety Taking Over

When my anxiety sets in and effects my business it can be a crazy spiral. Organization goes out the window, I fall behind on e-mails, and the worst is that I beat myself up about little things. My anxiety tells me that I’m not doing things right and that I’m going to fail. My anxiety tells me that people are not going to be happy with my content.

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Anxiety: Founder & CEO

If we're being honest, anxiety runs my business. It's the constant checking of the e-mail in fear that I have messed something up. It's double checking & triple checking everything I send out. It's constantly checking the time, if someone is one minute late to a meeting and being convinced that I'm at the wrong place or read the wrong time. 

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When You "Just Can't"

We've all said it. I can't. The phrase has recently become trendy between young adults when talking about going to class or someone you're not fond of. Common responses include I can't, I just can't, or I can't even. All joking aside, moments when you just can't are real.

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Back to School Blues: 10:33pm

I'm sitting in bed exhausted, unable to fall asleep. My chest feels like it could collapse and tears are slowly streaming down my face. I looked at a calendar yesterday and a heaviness came over me. Eight days until a new semester.The thought of walking into class makes me want to hurl. 

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New Year, Better You: Embracing Personal Growth

2017 was a year of a lot of laughs, a lot of cries, and a lot of learning to embrace it all. I learned so much about myself and experienced personal growth in ways I couldn't imagine a year ago. I wanted to share a few of my key experiences from 2017 in hopes that it may inspire you to embrace personal growth in 2018.

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Mentally Preparing for the Holidays

I absolutely adore the holidays, don't get me wrong, but they tend to take a lot out of me. If you're like me, you've already started mentally preparing. For me, I start by thinking about the questions your family members are going to ask.

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Honestly Struggling

I think as an entrepreneur it can be a challenge to try and figure out where to focus your energy: so many things that need to be done, bills that need to be paid, and not enough hours in the day. Recently, I've been stuck in this anxious mindset holding myself back, the fear of failure. I think a lot of entrepreneurs experience this and it can be incredibly crippling.

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Two Lifestyle Changes That Positively Impacted My Mental Health

Recently, I've made two lifestyle changes that have dramatically impacted my mental health in a positive way. I've been off of my anxiety meds for weeks. Typically, when I am doing well and try going off my meds, I only last 3-4 days and then I crash and burn, but this time things have been different. I've been able to stay off my meds.

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Know & Love Your Messy, Beautiful Self

I'm the girl who wakes up twenty minutes before a meeting or class, throws on a bra, deodorant, brushes her teeth, and runs out the door. I'm the girl with a mind running at 1,000 miles an hour in five different directions. I literally have a sign in my living room that says, "Welcome to the Shit Show" because I'm all over the place, all the time.

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The Struggle of Back to School

It's that time of year again. Back to school. Tired eyes, chapped lips, and picked nails. I know I'm not the only one dreading it. I'm sitting here drowning myself in design work for clients, writing, and procrastinating even LOOKING at my homework. Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly grateful for my education because I recognize what a privilege it truly is.

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Just Breathe vs. Just Be

"Just Breathe." We've all heard it and probably said it to someone. Maybe you tell yourself this sometimes? Quite frankly it is one of my pet peeves when I'm struggling with anxiety and somebody tells me to just breathe as if I am consciously making the choice not to breathe. Trust me, if I could "just breathe" I would. It's not always that simple. 

Just Be seems to be a more effective strategy for me when dealing with anxiety. It tends to help me acknowledge my feelings and embrace the struggle. During panic attacks I tell myself that I'm going to be in this moment and that it's going to be hard, but it will be over soon.

Breathing with Anxiety

If you are a family member or friend to someone who suffers from anxiety you can use this strategy too. Just be in the moment with the person suffering. You don't always have to say things like just breathe or it'll be okay. Typically, I prefer if you don't. Hold your loved one, hug them while they cry, and just be in the moment with them. I'm not saying the Just Be strategy works better for everyone, but if you, or someone you love, is struggling it is an approach to try.

Acknowledging our feelings can be difficult because socially we are always taught to hide them, but just be encourages us to embrace and acknowledge the struggle. Just breathe focuses on the moment being over and everything being okay, sometimes making me feel ashamed for having a moment of sadness or struggle. It's human to feel sad, hurt, and all these emotions that tend to have a negative connotation. Your feelings are valid. Your struggle is real. You are strong. Just be.

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The Mom-Preneur Life: 3:04am

Time: 3:04 a.m. I broke my rule. I checked my phone when the baby woke up to breastfeed. Just one little peek, I swear. I got an email asking to review my subscription box on instagram. So, a good 15 minutes later looking at the account and I’m still not sure if it’s a good fit. Gaw. The kids are asleep and I should be too. Dang it. Double fail.

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