Sustainable Packaging Solutions with noissue

sustainable packaging for small businesses

Noissue is leading the way with sustainable packaging solutions for small businesses. I’ve been using noissue compostable mailers to ship out t-shirts for Give a Damn Goods and I’m obsessed! Their compostable mailers are sturdy, durable, and have a positive impact on the planet. 

Noissue is on a mission to make custom eco-friendly packaging more accessible to small businesses. With this initiative in mind, noissue strives to create design oriented packaging products made from sustainable materials, have low minimum order requirements, and keep prices reasonable for small business owners. So far their sustainable packaging line consists of three (soon to be four) products. 

Compostable Mailers

Noissue’s Compostable Mailers are a great solution for businesses looking to reduce their plastic use in shipping. These amazing plant-based mailers are made from a combination of corn-based biopolymers. The mailers are certified compostable and break down both in home and commercial composts leaving no harmful residues behind. And poof, like magic your mailer is part of our wonderful planet again. The mailers are waterproof and incredibly me I’ve been using them! 

eco-friendly packaging for small businesses

Tissue Paper

Noissue’s customizable tissue paper makes it easy for small businesses to create branded packaging with their easy to use online platform. Small business owners can quickly upload their logo & pick the layout, color, and customize tissue paper. All noissue’s paper is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified meaning the paper that makes up the tissue comes from sustainable sources & responsible supply chains. The tissue paper is acid free, so the paper won’t leave behind chemicals when decomposing. Designs are printed on the tissue paper using eco-friendly, soy-based inks. The use of soy-based inks makes the paper easier to recycled, woohoo! 

Paper Stickers

Similar to the tissue paper, noissue’s stickers are FSC certified, printed with soy based inks, and made with acid free paper. Business owners can easily upload their logo and customize stickers for their brand. 


Keep your eyes peeled...tape is coming soon! Noissue’s tape will be water activated. This eco-conscious tape will be a safe alternative to harmful residues & chemicals other tapes leave behind.

On top of noissue’s passion for crafting their products with eco-conscious materials, noissue also gives back. Each time a business orders packaging, a tree is planted. Business owners can even choose where they want to tree to be planted. So far noissue has planted over 3,000 trees. Noissue encourages their small business partners to take pride in eco-packaging with their Eco-Packaging Alliance stickers. These stickers let customers know the business their purchasing from cares about the environment. 

compostable packaging

Noissue was kind enough to gift me with some Compostable Mailers and I LOVE them. These mailers truly are sturdy, durable, and high quality. As a small business owner, I genuinely appreciate noissue’s low minimums, easy to use online customization tools, high quality products, and focus on sustainability. Plus, after talking to the noissue team, I can say with confidence they are visionary change-makers who genuinely care about the greater good. They’re taking into consideration aspects of packaging I didn’t even think about and I can’t wait to watch them grow. It will be exciting to see noissue expand their reach to help more small business & offer more packaging products. Check them out!

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