100+ Brands That Give a Damn

Support brands that give a damn! By shopping brands that give a damn you’re able to support businesses that share your values as a conscious consumer! In this ethical brand list discover 100+ ethical, sustainable, & fair trade brands.

Ethically wearing fleece from  Passion Lilie  + Sweater from  Thought  + earrings from  HUGG  + pants from  Tonle  + necklace from  CAUSEBOX

Ethically wearing fleece from Passion Lilie + Sweater from Thought + earrings from HUGG + pants from Tonle + necklace from CAUSEBOX

Ethically styled in  Give a Damn tee from Give a Damn Goods  + Zero waste shorts from  Tonle  +  BRANDED Collective cuff bracelet  + earrings from  HUGG  + Retro glasses from  Retrospecced

Ethically styled in Give a Damn tee from Give a Damn Goods + Zero waste shorts from Tonle + BRANDED Collective cuff bracelet + earrings from HUGG + Retro glasses from Retrospecced

Sustainably styled in Retro glasses from  Retrospecced

Sustainably styled in Retro glasses from Retrospecced

Featuring Stone  Ana Julia Tote by Lazarus Artisan Goods  + recycled glass vase from  Newly

Featuring Stone Ana Julia Tote by Lazarus Artisan Goods + recycled glass vase from Newly

Ethically styled in Retro glasses from  Retrospecced  + olive tee from  ROUND + SQUARE  + bag from  Lazarus Artisan Goods

Ethically styled in Retro glasses from Retrospecced + olive tee from ROUND + SQUARE + bag from Lazarus Artisan Goods

Sustainably drinking from  Yuhme Sugar Cane Water Bottle

Sustainably drinking from Yuhme Sugar Cane Water Bottle

Ethically styled in sundress from PACT + sunglasses from Dynamikos + bag from  Lazarus Artisan Goods

Ethically styled in sundress from PACT + sunglasses from Dynamikos + bag from Lazarus Artisan Goods

Featuring products from  Sanaya Set Subscription Box

Featuring products from Sanaya Set Subscription Box

Sustainably styled in Honest Em zero waste hoodie from  Flood Clothing  + glasses from  Warby Parker

Sustainably styled in Honest Em zero waste hoodie from Flood Clothing + glasses from Warby Parker

Featuring  Dropps  laundry detergent + recycled glass vase from  Newly

Featuring Dropps laundry detergent + recycled glass vase from Newly

Sustainably styled in  Boody  underwear + retro glasses from  Retrospecced  also featuring recycled glass vase from  Newly  & Hot Mess Express Coffee Mug from  Give a Damn Goods

Sustainably styled in Boody underwear + retro glasses from Retrospecced also featuring recycled glass vase from Newly & Hot Mess Express Coffee Mug from Give a Damn Goods

Ethically styled in necklace from  Swahili Coast  + secondhand sweater + glasses from  Warby Parker

Ethically styled in necklace from Swahili Coast + secondhand sweater + glasses from Warby Parker

Ethically wearing tee from  For Better Not Worse,  Sweater from  Thought,  necklace from  CAUSEBOX , & glasses from  Warby Parker

Ethically wearing tee from For Better Not Worse, Sweater from Thought, necklace from CAUSEBOX, & glasses from Warby Parker

Ethically carrying clutch from  Mother Erth

Ethically carrying clutch from Mother Erth

Ethically wearing dress from  United by Blue

Ethically wearing dress from United by Blue

Ethically wearing choker from  Good Beads  + Laurel glasses from  Warby Parker  + tee from  Krochet Kids

Ethically wearing choker from Good Beads + Laurel glasses from Warby Parker + tee from Krochet Kids

Ethically carrying  Lemur Bags Duffel

Ethically carrying Lemur Bags Duffel

Ethically wearing  Mawu Lolo Sandals

Ethically wearing Mawu Lolo Sandals

  1. Passion Lilie: Passion Lilie is a fair trade and eco-friendly clothing brand with a mission to empower artisans across the world by creating dignified employment opportunities.

  2. Love Justly: Love Justly works in partnership with ethical clothing companies to purchase their excess stock, reselling the fairly made items at a more affordable price in their online boutique. 5% of Love Justly profits give back to Legacy Collective, an organization that focuses on partnering, pioneering, & funding solutions that last.

  3. Acacia Creations: Acacia Creations creates sustainable employment opportunities in developing communities through empowerment & the creation of fair trade home goods + jewelry.

  4. Liz Alig: Liz Alig strives to create functional, fair-trade fashion for the modern woman. Liz Alig's purposeful fashion is crafted with a transparent supply chain, socially responsible materials, and creates a positive impact for growing communities. 

  5. Fair Indigo: Fair Indigo focuses on fair trade practices through versatile style in ethical clothing and accessories.

  6. Give a Damn Goods: Give a damn is even in the name! Through their partnerships with ethical suppliers, Give a Damn Good's quirky tees provide fair employment opportunities to communities in Haiti. 

  7. Mom&I by EK: MOM&I by EK creates detailed statement necklaces that empower women in Turkey.

  8. Retrospecced: Retrospecced is a social enterprise that recycles and refurbishes retro and designer spectacle frames. AND they give back too! Enjoy 5% off sustainable prescription glasses, sunglasses, or frames for fun with Retrospecced with HONEST5.

  9. BRANDED Collective: BRANDED Collective provides job training and employment to survivors of human trafficking through jewelry creation.

  10. Darzah: Darzah is a non-profit that is focused in Palestine working to provide training and job opportunities for some of the most marginalized individuals in the northern region through the creation of leather goods.

  11. ROUND + SQUARE: ROUND + SQUARE is a conscious fashion brand powered by values and vision to bring together style and sustainability in support of gender equality.

  12. Allbirds: Allbirds sneakers are made out of wool from their flock of sheep in New Zeland that live a good life & sustainably harvested eucalyptus pulp. This B Corporation also use eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic water bottles in the crafting of their shoes.

  13. Fair Tribe: Fair Tribe brings modern design & fair trade + sustainable values into the home with their wide variety of artisan made goods. Furnish your home responsibly with Fair Tribe’s unique decor.

  14. ABLE: ABLE employs and empowers women living in developing countries to create economic growth and reduce poverty. Women are paid fair wages and provided with a safe work environment.

  15. Jackalo: Jackalo is a sustainable brand of children’s clothing that is ethically made and crafted to last. This kid’s clothing brand encourages parents to invest in high quality products for their children & take part in circular fashion.

  16. New Creation: New Creation is a non-profit creatively offering survivor made goods and fair trade accessories while raising awareness of human trafficking.

  17. Kind Karma Co.: Kind Karma is a meaningful, minimalist jewelry line empowering at-risk and transitioning homeless youth in Toronto.

  18. 5028: 5028 is a small-batch artisan shoe company focused on the art of crafting shoes through ethical practices and upcycled materials. 5028 furthers their social impact by donating $5 from each pair sold to mental health support groups.

  19. Malia Designs: Malia Designs products are handcrafted in Cambodia and every purchase helps to fight human trafficking. Bags are crafted using responsible materials such as recycled cement bags, up-cycled cotton, & more.

  20. noissue: Noissue is on a mission to make custom eco-friendly packaging more accessible to small businesses. Noissue strives to create design oriented packaging products made from sustainable materials, have low minimum order requirements, and keep prices reasonable for small business owners.

  21. Light Shine Candles: Ethically made in the USA by a mompreneur and donating a portion of proceeds from to Global Outreach Developments International to encourage community development in El Salvador. 

  22. Yuhme: Yuhme creates sustainable, plastic free water bottles made from sugarcane. Each water bottle sold provides six months of clean water for communities in the Central African Republic through their partnership with the non-profit Water for Good

  23. MiaDonna: MiaDonna specializes in eco-friendly engagement rings and jewelry using lab grown diamonds and recycled materials. MiaDonna plants a tree on your behalf for each order placed AND donates a minimum of 5% of profits to the Greener Diamond Foundation which works to restore the lands and lives damaged by the active diamond mining industry.

  24. PACT: PACT’s budget friendly, organic clothing and basics make it easy for consumers to start building their eco-friendly wardrobe. PACT uses 100% Certified Organic Cotton grown in India to ensure high quality garments, clean materials on their customer’s skin, and because of the environmental impact.

  25. Flood Clothing: Flood Clothing works with recycled materials to create one of a kind zero waste style.

  26. CAUSEBOX: CAUSEBOX is a seasonal subscription box of socially responsible goods.

  27. Dropps: Dropps is an innovative brand of plant-based cleaning products encouraging consumers to take part in eco-conscious cleaning.

  28. EarthHero: EarthHero is a one-stop shop for all things eco-friendly! This mindful marketplace carries a wide range of responsible brands and makes sustainable shopping easy with their variety of products. Use the code “honestconsumer” to receive 10% off.

  29. Boody: Boody’s affordable, ethically made bamboo viscose products allow consumers to explore and enjoy the comfort of eco-fibers through everyday basics such as bras, underwear, and activewear.

  30. Sanaya Set: Sanaya Set is a seasonal collection of intentional products focused on self care and social justice. This beautifully curated set, available by subscription or as a stand-alone purchase, is empowering womxn and educating individuals on intersectionality.

  31. Singing Rooster Coffee: Singing Rooster works with small producers in Haiti to ensure farmers are fairly paid, treated respectfully, and to provide resources for Haitian suppliers to grow their businesses. 

  32. Tony's Chocolonely: Tony’s Chocolonely is taking action by creating slave free chocolate bars. Tony's Chocolonely is on a mission to make, not only their chocolate, but all chocolate slave free. 

  33. Mata Traders: Mata Traders is working to make fair trade fashion readily available to consumers through vintage inspired designs & affordable prices. Mata Traders works with artisan groups in India & Nepal providing fair wages and the tools needed for individuals to rise above poverty.

  34. Dazey LA: Dazey LA celebrates slow fashion with their bold feminist designed tees which empower women through retro style. Apparel is ethically made in Los Angeles and designs are drawn and photographed by the founder. Use the code HONEST10 for 10% off your order.

  35. Sassafras: Located in Seattle, this boutique focuses on high-quality, sustainable fashion made by independent designers in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

  36. Known Supply: KNOWN SUPPLY is humanizing the apparel industry through collaborative partnerships which encourage, educate, and empower businesses to take part in social impact.

  37. Deux Main Designs: Deux Mains Design creates shoes and accessories using locally sourced leather and recycled tires. This social enterprise provides sustainable employment opportunities in Haiti.

  38. Thistle Farms: Thistle Farms provides healing, empowerment, job training, & employment to women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. Their ethically made bath, body, home products are handcrafted by survivors in the USA.

  39. Victoria Road: Victoria Road is bridging cultures through design. Through their collaborative partnerships with designers and artisans, Victoria Road works to bring South Asian culture to U.S. markets. 

  40. Connecticut Country Clothing: Connecticut Country Clothing specializes in blazers. This brand is plus size inclusive with sizes up to 22. The ethically crafted blazers are made in limited runs using with organic, sustainable fabric.

  41. Lazarus Artisan Goods: Lazarus Artisan Goods works in Honduras and Haiti to ignite generational change with employment and vocational training through their non-profit Mission Lazarus. Mission Lazarus' three year program trains and equips young men and women in a trade, increasing their eligibility for employment and heightening their potential development, an impact beyond the individual to that family, community and the country as a whole.

  42. Soul Flower: Soul Flower is a natural clothing brand for kind souls and free spirits. Mindfully made with natural fibers and heartfelt art.

  43. Nimble: Nimble is focused on creating tech products with the planet in mind by using plant-based bioplastics for a lower footprint, infinitely recyclable aluminum, no chemical adhesives, and fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

  44. Everpillow: Everpillow is a natural, customizable pillow made in America. Through their partnership with Mile High Workshop Everpillow creates sustainable job training & employment opportunities for men and women re-entering society after overcoming homelessness, incarceration, and/or addiction. Use HONEST10 for 10% off your pillow. 

  45. Bombas: For each pair of socks sold, Bombas donates a pair to those in need.

  46. THINX: THINX period panties are a sustainable alternative to pads that also give back to women in need. THINX works to provide period products to communities who do not have access to menstrual products. Through THNIX’s EveryBody program, they work with schools and nonprofits to empower young people with medically accurate and inclusive information about their changing bodies.

  47. Patagonia: Patagonia focuses on environmental and social responsibility. Patagonia works to reduce their own carbon foot print and make sure their garments are produced under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions throughout the supply chain.

  48. Fair Anita: Fair Anita invests in the future of women around the world through artisan empowerment.Fair Anita currently works with 8,000 artisans in 16 different countries creating fair trade goods and paying artisans three times the minimum wage.

  49. MJ Esthetics: CBD skin care & body products ethically crafted in Washington using fair trade + organically grown ingredients.

  50. Matter Prints: Matter Prints gives new meaning to traditional patterns by creating bold, modern statement pieces. Founded with inspiration and compassion, Matter Prints demonstrates the importance of slow fashion by working directly with eight artisan communities, positively impacting around 1,287 individual artisans. 

  51. Renewal Workshop: Renewal Workshop works to repair and resell garments to reduce the amount of textiles that end up in our landfills.

  52. Alternative Apparel: Alternative Apparel focuses on transparency through fair wages, sustainable materials, & comfortable clothing.

  53. Wild Dill: Wild Dill focuses on being a one-stop shop for all organic, natural, & fair trade baby and kid products including clothes, toys, and more. Wild Dill also gives back a portion of their proceeds to their non-profit partner The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.

  54. Groceries Apparel: Groceries Apparel adds a bold twist to casual style by using eco-friendly materials. These garments keep consumers comfortable and confident, knowing their apparel is responsibly made.

  55. Long Dog Clothing: The Long Dog Clothing Company creates ethically made pet apparel and gives back 15% of proceeds to local dog charities helping rescue dogs find their forever homes.

  56. Mary Claret: Mary Claret creates beautiful linen apparel that is ethically made in America. 

  57. Krochet Kids: Krochet Kids works with vulnerable women who live in impoverished women around the world through their partnership with Capable. Capable is a holistic program providing education and financial mentorship to employees. Employees are provided with fair wages and safe working environments.

  58. Weighting Comforts:  Weighted blankets have been used to help people with anxiety, depression, PTSD, autism, and insomnia reach a relaxed state. This family run company also provides employment opportunities for refugees through their partnership with the non-profit Sew for Hope. 

  59. Girlfriend Collective: ($) Girlfriend Collective focuses on ethically made activewear by using Fair Trade Certified factories and recycled materials.

  60. Theo Chocolate: Theo is a fair trade, organic bean to bar chocolate ensuring ethical treatment of cocoa farmers and everyone throughout the supply chain.

  61. Amour Vert: Amour Vert focuses on sustainable fashion by using eco-friendly materials, conscious production, and planting a tree with each tee purchased.

  62. Dynamikos: Dynamikos creates bold, thoughtfully designed eyewear and uses 20% of net profits to invest in humanitarian and environmental conservation efforts through their non-profit partnerships.

  63. House of Marley: House of Marley focuses on speakers, earphones, headphones, and other music accessories, planting a tree for each product sold.

  64. Vitamin D to The Rescue: Vitamin D supplements that give back to nonprofits working to end human trafficking. For each bottle sold, $5 is donated to their partnering organizations.

  65. LOLA: LOLA creates feminine hygiene products using 100% certified organic cotton, no toxins, dyes, or synthetic fibers. LOLA also gives back by donating period products to women in need.

  66. Symbology: Symbology is working to make fair trade sexy through their stylish apparel. Symbology apparel is ethically made through their artisan partnerships in India.

  67. Ten Thousand Villages: Ten Thousand Villages focuses on a global maker to market movement by partnering with artisans around the world. Their global fair trade practices and inspiring work result in a one stop shop for home goods, gifts, and accessories.

  68. Newly: Newly is on a mission to repurpose unused materials, increase sustainability, and positively impact the environment by creating long lasting products for the home. Newly’s beautiful home goods are made from 100% recycled materials.

  69. The Tote Project: The Tote Project focuses on raising awareness of human trafficking with their fashionable totes and pouches. Each bag is made with organic materials in a Fair Trade Certified factory.

  70. Landmine Design: Landmine Design empowers women in The Minefield Village between Cambodia and Thailand by providing training and employment. While sex-trafficking is prevalent in this area, Landmine Design is a safe haven for women to gain a sense of community while receiving a fair salary through jewelry creation.

  71. Proud Pour: Proud Pour wine gives back to environmental restoration through partnerships with non-profit organizations working to restore ecosystems. Currently Proud Pour is focusing their cause based efforts on the oysters and bees in North America.

  72. Made Trade: Made Trade is a curated online marketplace for exceptionally designed, ethically made goods.

  73. Aid Through Trade: Aid Through Trade jewelry is handmade with love by women artisans in Nepal. As members of the Fair Trade Federation employees are provided a safe work environment, fair wage, and positive community.

  74. HandUp Global Goods: Hand Up Global Goods(HUGG) works with teen orphans in Haiti by providing them with sustainable employment, opportunities to learn about financial literacy, and finding guidance through spiritual development. Through this process HUGG is working to provide young Haitians with a "Hand Up" instead of a handout, encouraging these young individuals to be able to provide for themselves. 

  75. Nisolo: Nisolo works with artisans in Peru, paying them fair wages and creating a safe work environment.

  76. Warby Parker: For each pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker gives a pair to someone in need through their partnership with VisionSpring. With Warby Parker's unique Home Try-On program, you can stay in the comfort of your home while finding the glasses of your dreams AND making a difference. 

  77. Savvy Rest: Savvy Rest uses natural and organic materials to create furniture and bedding for the home. For each purchase made, Savvy Rest plants trees through their partnership with American Forests. Savvy Rest also donates pillows to domestic violence shelters. 

  78. Z Shoes Organic: Z Shoes Organic empowers communities in developing areas through responsible material sourcing and craftsmanship of their sneakers.

  79. Haiti Made: Haiti Made is empowering Haitians through sustainable employment, fair wages, and community. Their beautiful leather products are handmade by dedicated employees and crafted using high quality leather.

  80. Purpose Jewelry: Purpose Jewelry is hand crafted by survivors of human trafficking, donating 100% of proceeds go to International Sanctuary benefiting girls and women escaping human trafficking. 

  81. For Better Not Worse (FBNW): FBNW creates fun, casual apparel that is designed & printed in Los Angeles. With each clothing item purchased, a bag of groceries is given to a child in need through FBNW's partnership with the Boys & Girls Club in Southern California. 

  82. Mother Erth: Mother Erth creates durable, zero waste bags made from recycled materials. Along with making a positive impact on the planet, these innovative bags also provide employment for low income mothers in the Philippines. 

  83. People Tree: People Tree uses organic cotton and ethically sourced materials to produce fair trade apparel. As part of the World Fair Trade organization, People Tree provides their Indian artisans and employees with fair wages and a positive work environment.

  84. Root Collective: Root Collective creates sustainable employment for shoemakers and artisans in South America.

  85. Mini + Meep: Mini + Meep creates earthy, eclectic style for tiny humans beginning their journey in the world. Apparel is made using organic cotton and gives back.

  86. Vita sneakers: Vita Shoes are great for your feet and even better for the world! These innovative shoes are made with organic and recycled materials AND set aside 10% of each pair sold to lead service projects impacting homeless communities.

  87. Synergy Organic Clothing: Always striving to be mindful and conscious in every facet of business, Synergy Organic Clothing produces sustainable and organic fair trade clothing

  88. United by Blue: For each product sold, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways through organized community clean-ups.

  89. PrAna: Prana focuses on fair trade, sustainability, and giving back. Prana uses materials such as recycled wool, 100% organic cotton, and recycled polyester.

  90. Virechic: Virechic is working with artisans in Brazil to keep cultural and handicraft traditions alive by making handmade pieces using of recycled materials or natural fibers.

  91. Sharehope: ShareHope is a people oriented activewear brand empowering garment workers in Haiti. Profits from their ethically made leggings are reinvested into educational and health focused social programs, furthering the growth of garment workers and creating bright futures for Haitian workers. 

  92. Good Beads:  For each piece of jewelry sold, GoodBeads donates $5 to a partnering nonprofit focusing on wildlife & conserving the environment.  

  93. Twinkle Apothecary: Twinkle Apothecary products are made in Oklahoma City using all natural materials, free from parabens, petrol, preservatives, phthalates, and artificial fragrances. Twinkle Apothecary products are PETA approvedvegan & eco-friendly.

  94. Threads 4 Thought: Threads 4 Thought creates their apparel using responsibly sourced & eco-friendly materials.

  95. Swahili Coast: Swahili Coast is a worker owned co-op in Tanzania specializing in beaded leather accessories.

  96. Lemur Bags: Lemur Bags is on a mission to protect the critically endangered lemurs through the creation of their bold print, cotton canvas bags. Lemur Bags donates 15% of all profits to lemur conservation organizations.

  97. 2nd Story Goods: 2nd Story Goods focuses on creating recycled, ethical, authentically designed goods. Haitian artisans working with 2nd Story Goods are paid fair wages, approximately 135%  the minimum wage in Haiti.

  98. VETTA Capsule: VETTA Capsule focuses on curating mini-capsule wardrobes through ethical practices and minimalistic style. VETTA Capsule uses sustainable materials and responsible factories to create their apparel.

  99. Siempre Viva: Siempre Viva’s vibrant textiles combine Mexican culture with modern style. The socially responsible clothing line creates economic opportunity by empowering women through employment and preserving ancient traditions.

  100. Fazl Socks: Fazl Socks ethically made socks donate 50% of profits to the children’s homes in India.

  101. Reformation: Reformation focuses on bold, sustainable fashion by investing in eco-friendly practices and valuing the people who craft their apparel. Reformation garments are consciously crafted using linen, deadstock material, viscose, and other sustainable materials.

  102. WAMA Underwear WAMA is an organic, hemp underwear brand encouraging consumers to think about the materials that are in contact with their body, specifically undergarments.

  103. Thought: Thought uses sustainable materials and ethical practices to create eclectic style. 

  104. Everlane: Everlane partners with ethical factories around the world to ensure their clothes are crafted to last. Through their ethical practices and emphasis on quality materials Everlane fights for radical transparency in the apparel industry.

  105. Mawu Lolo: Mawu Lolo provides sustainable employment opportunities for communities in Ghana. The ethically crafted sandals are sure to make a statement.

  106. PERI: PERI focuses on eco-friendly materials and fair trade practices through their California inspired garments.