Wired Thoughts: 10:38am

Anxious Thoughts


As I lay in bed staring into darkness, it doesn't matter what I do I can't go to sleep. Absolutely exhausted from not sleeping the past three nights, my eyes are closing, but my mind won't shut off. Take deep breathes. Listen to soothing music. Watch a show to take your mind off things. I tried it all. I'm starting to feel frustrated with myself. Frustrated that I can't turn off my thoughts and go to sleep. Frustrated knowing that I will face another day of pure exhaustion with a lack of productivity. At least I have the day off work tomorrow.... 


What was supposed to be a productive day has gotten off to a slow start. I'm sitting here sipping my coffee with a pounding headache. Feeling beat while the day is just beginning. I was going to use my day off to catch up on summer school, write, relax, and get ahead, but I can't. My eyes are weak and my focus is shot. No amount of coffee is going to wake me up today. But I can't go back to sleep because I know I will just be bothered with thoughts from all the tasks I should be doing. While I do look forward to getting back into bed tonight...I know that it will probably be another night of stressful sleeplessness.