Wear Your Label: Anxious, But Courageous


I'm Emily and this is one of my best friends, Sarah. We both struggle with anxiety.

Anxiety is something I have not been open about. I struggle to tell people about my anxiety, in fear that they will not understand. However, that is changing. Today Sarah and I want to start the conversation with Wear Your Label. Our “anxious, but courageous shirts” allow us to feel confident, while acknowledging that anxiety is definitely apart of us, but does not define us. Truth is somedays are really hard for us. Sometimes we get worked up about instances that may seem silly to others, but we are learning how to work through it. This is one of the many reasons we need to talk about mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. Creating a community of people who know they are not alone through their struggles is important while educating others on how to help their loved ones dealing with these mental conditions.

That is one of the reasons I am a huge fan of Wear Your Label. This wonderful business is encouraging people to be proud of who they are while raising awareness of mental health. Founder of Wear Your Label, Kayley, shared her journey, “In university I battled an eating disorder, but was so secretive about it. I didn't tell my family, or my roommates. I felt trapped because of the stigma attached to mental illness. So in my final year of university I started to volunteer at a mental health organization, and that's where I met Kyle (the co-founder of Wear Your Label). Kyle was super open about his mental health: he lives with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and ADHD, and through working together we began to share our personal experiences with each other. One day we realized, there must be a better way to start these conversations... a way for people to take ownership over their experiences and realize they're not alone in what they're going through. Wear Your Label was born. And it was kind of in that moment that I began my journey to recovery as well. The moment I decided to talk about it and be okay with it.”

Wear Your Label sells apparel designed to encourage self-confidence. Shirts say a variety of sayings such as “Sad, but Rad,” “Self Care Isn’t Selfish,” “Anxious, but Courageous,” and more. Through apparel based products Wear Your Label has created a community and started important conversations within the fashion industry. Kayley stated, “This is completely my life, and so everyday I'm talking about mental health with someone in some capacity. There's been a lot of times that old friends or family members have reached out to me and shared their stories - for the first time - because of Wear Your Label, and we get so many customers reach out to us after purchasing a product; it's an incredible feeling to know that you can create that change for someone. But it's also been incredible to see more of these conversations come to light in the fashion industry, which is kind of notorious for making people feel worse about themselves. We've started to build some really powerful partnerships (like with Joe Fresh) that kind of challenge the "status quo" of fashion and get consumers to learn and take action around a topic that's pretty taboo.”

I have received compliments while wearing my “anxious, but courageous” shirt out in public, this reassures me that I am not alone and encourages me to be more open when talking about my anxiety. These shirts are SO comfortable! Wear Your Label also sells jewelry and home goods. I love that they donate 10% of profits to mental health initiatives to keep the conversation moving forward. I encourage you to check out their products through the link below.

Wear Your Label’s mission is near and dear to my heart. Sarah and I are lucky to know and support each other. If you are struggling from anxiety, depression, or another mental illness, please know that you are not alone. Open yourself up to talking about your struggle, find a support group, and most importantly remember YOU’VE GOT THIS!