Tech for Good with Nimble

ethically made electronics

I am seriously loving my wireless charger from Nimble. This certified B Corporation is shifting the tech industry in a positive direction through their innovative products, one for one tech recycling program, and eco-friendly materials. Nimble’s Tech for Good products include eco-friendly wireless chargers, phone cases made from recycled water bottles, eco-conscious fast charge kits, and more.

I’ve been using the Wireless Charger for a few months now and I LOVE it. The wireless charger charges my phone very quickly. I just leave the charging pad plugged in on my nightstand and it’s nice to just be able to set my phone down. I do not have the hassle of finding a cord, plugging it in, and all that jazz….because as a hot mess of an entrepreneur finding my charger can be a process. There is a charging port on the side of the charging pad which allows me to charge two electronics at once. I sincerely appreciate that the fabric on my lovely charging pad is made from a sustainable blend of recycled water bottles & organic hemp.

Nimble products arrive in plastic-free packaging made from 100% recycled scrap paper pulp. No harmful inks or dyes are used on the packaging and even the labels use soy-based inks, making it biodegradable. With each order, Nimble sends a pre-paid e-waste bag allowing each customer to recycle up to 1 pound of unwanted electronics. Customers can put old or broken electronics in the bag, mail it to Nimble, and know the electronics were recycled responsibly. I think this is a really unique initiative because it can be difficult to know how to dispose of old electronics.

I appreciate Nimble’s transparency as a tech company. It’s really difficult to find responsible tech companies that are open about where their products are manufactured, the materials they are using, pricing, and their environmental impact. I’m impressed that Nimble meets all of these. On Nimble’s website customers can easily find information on their factories and clearly understand the eco-conscious materials used. I’m really impressed with Nimble and hope to purchase more of their products in the future. I encourage you to check out the good work Nimble is doing to shift the tech industry.

Note: I’ve been using Nimble products with my iPhone 8 Plus, but Nimble works for most iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Xs,Xs Max, XR, Samsung Galaxy Note8, Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S9, & more. See their website for more specifics.

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