Finding Focus During the Holidays as a Creative

struggle with creativity

Lately I’ve been struggling to find steady focus. There are so many things that need to be done around this time of year. Between working to write content for The Honest Consumer, fulfilling orders for Give a Damn Goods, starting to plan our sustainable wedding, and all the holiday shopping and festivities, I’ve been struggling to keep up. I’ve been off my normal routine and have had a hard time finding focus and inspiration when it comes to writing. So it caused me to do a bit of digging within myself and try to better understand when I am best focused as an entrepreneur and in the creative mindset. Here are a few of the thing I found through this entrepreneurial self exploration that you might consider if you’re feeling overwhelmed this holiday season.

1) Are you doing other creative things?

As a creative entrepreneur, I fuel creativity with creativity. In order to find inspiration in writing I have to get out and about, see things, experience things, and discover inspiration. I listen to music, I play music, I design, I bake, and all of these creative activities help keep my mind fresh with ideas and moving to create.

co-working space fuels creativity

2) Where are you?

The physical location of where you are trying to find inspiration and focus can truly impact your creative mindset. If you work from home a lot (like I do) head to a coffee shop or a co-working space. The change of scenery might do you good! For me personally, I have to be in a space that has a lot of natural light.

3) Instead of getting overwhelmed focus on what needs to be done now.

This is something I Really struggle with. A lot of times I just get too overwhelmed and I don’t know where to start. I know there is so much that needs to be done, but I’ve exhausted myself with the overwhelm of not knowing what to do first. In order to combat this I started a Never Ending To-Do list. I literally have a notebook that is just an ongoing list of what I need to get done. Each time I finish something I check it off and have a sense of accomplishment. At the beginning of the day I look at the list and categorize what needs to be done today. Then I start there.

how to fuel creativity

4) Have I taken care of myself?

If I don’t get a good night sleep, if I’m not eating right, or if I’m not practicing self care, I’m useless. Taking care of myself during the holidays is incredibly important for staying on top of my game.

5) Time of Day

This is something my friends and I were recently chatting about…the time of day we are most productive. While most of them said the mornings…I’m most productive at night. My creative mind just works better at night for some reason and it sucks because it really screws up my work/life balance (which is basically non-existent). But creativity isn’t something I can really force to happen so I have to take advantage of it when it comes around.