35 Ethical Jewelry & Accessory Brands

Ethical jewelry and accessories are a great starting point for joining the conscious consumerism movement. Check out these inspirational jewelry brands using their accessories to empower others and create social change.

Lariat necklace from  BRANDED Collective

Lariat necklace from BRANDED Collective

Ethically styled in Kind Karma necklaces including the  Gold Coin Choker  +  Teardrop Gem Stone Necklace

Ethically styled in Kind Karma necklaces including the Gold Coin Choker + Teardrop Gem Stone Necklace

Ethically accessorized in jewelry from  Landmine Designs

Ethically accessorized in jewelry from Landmine Designs

Ethical engagement ring from  MiaDonna

Ethical engagement ring from MiaDonna

Ethically styled in earrings from  Purpose Jewelry

Ethically styled in earrings from Purpose Jewelry

  1. Malia Designs: Malia Designs is a socially responsible brand that designs and sells fair trade handbags and accessories. Malia Designs products are handcrafted in Cambodia and every purchase helps to fight human trafficking. Bags are crafted using responsible materials such as recycled cement bags, up-cycled cotton, & more.

  2. BRANDED Collective: BRANDED Collective provides job training and employment to survivors of human trafficking. Each BRANDED item is stamped with an initial and a number. The initial belongs to the survivor who made the cuff. You can read her story on BRANDED's website. The number is your number in the Collective fighting against trafficking.

  3. Dazey LA: Dazey LA celebrates slow fashion with their bold design and retro style. Ethically made in Los Angeles and designed to empower women. Use the code HONEST10 for 10% off your order.

  4. ABLE: ABLE employs and empowers women living in developing countries to create economic growth and reduce poverty. Women are paid fair wages and provided with a safe work environment.  ABLE sells high quality leather goods, apparel, and accessories.

  5. Kind Karma Co.: Kind Karma is a meaningful, minimalist jewelry line empowering at-risk and transitioning homeless youth in Toronto. Their unique jewelry is great for adding a touch of shine to any outfit while adding a bit of social impact to your accessory collection.

  6. Tonle: Tonlé is one of the world’s first zero-waste fashion brands. Using remnants and offcuts discarded by large manufacturers, they produce beautiful, comfortable garments and accessories in their ethical Cambodian workshops, and don’t waste a single scrap in the process.

  7. Aid Through Trade: Aid Through Trade jewelry is handmade with love by women artisans in Nepal. As members of the Fair Trade Federation employees are provided a safe work environment, fair wage, and positive community.

  8. Lazarus Artisan Goods: Lazarus Artisan Goods works in Honduras and Haiti to ignite generational change with employment and vocational training through their non-profit Mission Lazarus. Mission Lazarus' three year program trains and equips young men and women in a trade, increasing their eligibility for employment and heightening their potential development, an impact beyond the individual to that family, community and the country as a whole.

  9. Darzah: Darzah is a non-profit that is part of a project of Child's Cup Full, a non-profit women's economic empowerment initiative. Darzah’s work is focused in Palestine working to provide training and job opportunities for some of the most marginalized individuals in the northern region. Darazah is a Fair Trade Federation member ensuring they treat their employees well, pay them fairly, and provide a safe working environment. Darzah’s products encompass beautiful stitching techniques combined with long lasting leather.

  10. Haiti Made: Haiti Made is empowering Haitians through sustainable employment, fair wages, and community. Their beautiful leather products are handmade by dedicated employees and crafted using high quality leather.

  11. Acacia Creations: Acacia Creations creates sustainable employment opportunities in developing communities through empowerment and the creation of fair trade jewelry.

  12. Purpose Jewelry: Purpose Jewelry is hand crafted by survivors of human trafficking, donating 100% of proceeds go to International Sanctuary benefiting girls and women escaping human trafficking. 

  13. Good Beads: GoodBeads jewelry is carefully crafted with a love for nature and sustainable materials. For each piece of jewelry sold, GoodBeads donates $5 to a partnering nonprofit focusing on wildlife & conserving the environment. 

  14. Landmine Design: Landmine Design  is empowering women in The Minefield Village situated between Cambodia and Thailand by providing training and employment. While sex-trafficking is prevalent in this area, Landmine Design is a safe haven for women to gain a sense of community while receiving a fair salary through jewelry creation.

  15. Fair Anita: Fair Anita invests in the future of women around the world through artisan empowerment.Fair Anita currently works with 8,000 artisans in 16 different countries creating fair trade goods and paying artisans three times the minimum wage.

  16. Ten Thousand Villages: Ten Thousand Villages focuses on a global maker to market movement by partnering with artisans around the world. Their global fair trade practices and inspiring work result in a one stop shop for home goods, gifts, and accessories.

  17. Liz Alig: Liz Alig strives to create functional, fair-trade fashion for the modern woman. Liz Alig's purposeful fashion is crafted with a transparent supply chain, socially responsible materials, and creates a positive impact for growing communities. 

  18. Nisolo: Nisolo works with artisans in Peru, paying them fair wages and creating a safe work environment.

  19. Mata Traders: Mata Traders is working to make fair trade fashion readily available to consumers through vintage inspired designs and affordable prices. Mata Traders works with artisan groups in India and Nepal providing fair wages, a safe space, and the tools needed for individuals to rise above poverty.

  20. HandUp Global Goods: Hand Up Global Goods(HUGG) works with teen orphans in Haiti by providing them with sustainable employment, opportunities to learn about financial literacy, and finding guidance through spiritual development. Through this process HUGG is working to provide young Haitians with a "Hand Up" instead of a handout, encouraging these young individuals to be able to provide for themselves. 

  21. MiaDonna: MiaDonna specializes in eco-friendly engagement rings and jewelry using lab grown diamonds and recycled materials. MiaDonna plants a tree on your behalf for each order placed AND donates a minimum of 5% of profits to the Greener Diamond Foundation which works to restore the lands and lives damaged by the active diamond mining industry.

  22. Siempre Viva: Siempre Viva’s vibrant fashion combines Mexican culture with modern style. The socially responsible clothing and accessory line creates economic opportunity by empowering women through employment and preserving ancient traditions.

  23. Accompany: Accompany is a certified B Corporation which works with artisans around the globe to create fair trade fashion.

  24. Amour Vert: Amour Vert focuses on sustainability and effortless style. Amour Vert goods are ethically crafted in California using materials such as organic cotton, mulberry silk, & beechwood fabric. Amour Vert goes the extra mile and plants a tree in North America for every purchase made through their partnership with American Forest.

  25. Eileen Fisher: Eileen Fisher started her line with $350 and an eye for minimalistic style. Today, Eileen Fisher clothes, shoes, and accessories are loved worldwide due to the clean lines, effortless style and luxurious, high-quality materials, and ethical business practices. Eileen Fisher's incredibly transparent supply chain uses practices such as Fair Trade, American Made, responsible fibers, organic materials, & so much more. 

  26. Everlane: Everlane partners with ethical factories around the world to ensure their products are crafted to last. Through their ethical practices and emphasis on quality materials Everlane fights for radical transparency in the fashion industry.

  27. Swahili Coast: Swahili Coast is a worker owned co-op in Tanzania specializing in beaded leather accessories. new co-op members start in the Basic Apprenticeship Program where they are able to learn from an experienced Swahili Coast artisan. After completing the apprenticeship, new members are then promoted to Junior Members of the co-op. Artisans are paid fair wages, take part in profit sharing, AND own 100% of the cooperative. GREAT opportunity as most of these women are the sole breadwinners for their families. 

  28. Fair indigo: Fair Indigo focuses on fair trade practices through versatile style.

  29. Peri: PERI focuses on eco-friendly materials and fair trade practices through their California inspired garments.

  30. Raven + Lily: Raven + Lily works with artisans abroad to create fair trade style for the free spirit.

  31. Round + Square: Round + Sqaure creates playful fashion that gives back to Equality Now. Their apparel makes a statement and starts the conversation about gender inequality.

  32. Soul Flower: Soul Flower is a natural clothing brand for kind souls and free spirits. Mindfully made with natural fibers and heartfelt art, we design our threads with kind vibes from start to finish. We seek inspiration in the simplicity of everyday life – in nature and in music, in free-spirited adventures and in like-minded souls.

  33. Sseko: Sseko apparel and accessories empower women in Uganda by encouraging women to further their education

  34. Terra Thread: Terra Thread creates fair trade organic bags through partnerships in India, providing employment to many. Terra Thread strives to keep their products affordable to encourage all consumers to take part in conscious consumerism.

  35. Starfish Project: The Starfish Project is a social enterprise that empowers women coming out of exploitation. Starfish Project has employed over 130 women through their social enterprise.