For Women, By Women: Fair Anita

Fashion by women for women

Fair Anita invests in the future of women around the world through artisan empowerment. Fair Anita currently works with 8,000 artisans in 16 different countries creating fair trade goods and paying artisans three times the minimum wage.

Fair Anita founder, Joy experienced frustration during her college years, feeling as though she was not learning what she wanted to. This frustration combined with her mental health pushed her to take action. In 2009 she decided to travel to Peru. In Peru Joy got to know the local women, be an assistant social worker, and helped build a women's shelter. Joy fell in love with the hopeful spirits of these ladies and felt called to return.

Upon returning to university, Joy started learning about privilege, when she returned to Peru the next summer she went with a new mindset of learning. This led her to work with an artisan group which doubled as a support group. The ladies would krochet and talk about what was going on at home. Through this collective and conducting interviews as an assistant social worker, Joy continued to learn about the high rates of domestic violence in Peru. As domestic violence was a sensitive issue for Joy, she was able to relate to these ladies and felt called to take action.

These moving experiences encouraged Joy to learn about domestic violence in different countries. Joy spent six years traveling to learn about the struggles women face in a variety of cultures. She noticed that women were consistently marginalized and reflected back on the artisan group she originally worked with in Peru. The women in the artisan group were able to participate because their partners assumed the gathering was strictly work. Similar to this artisan group, Joy wanted to create cooperatives around the world that allowed women to teach each other jewelry making skills providing them with employment, a safe place, and a supportive community. Luckily, Joy was an experienced jewelry maker who had started her first business at age 15. She used her skills to guide artisans in the creation of accessories in order to capitalize on trends and price points in America. This was the beginning of Fair Anita.

Fashion by women for women

Joy named her social enterprise Fair Anita after Senora Anita, an inspiring social worker in Peru who empowered many other women. Today Fair Anita works with over 8,000 women artisans in 16 different countries! Fair Anita pays all artisans at least three times the minimum wage while practicing other fair trade principles as well. By empowering these women with sustainable income this encourages women to leave abusive partners and recognize that they are able to support themselves. 

I am incredibly impressed with Fair Anita and think it is wonderful that Joy took the time to travel and learn what women of different countries experience and evaluate how she could help them. My Fair Anita Pocket Tee is incredibly comfortable and perfect for the humid fall weather we are experiencing here in Nashville, haha! One of my favorite features about Fair Anita's website is how clear and transparent they are about their mission. I sincerely appreciate their price points too! Fair Anita even has a section of goods under $20 which is wonderful when shopping fair trade. I encourage you all to check out Fair Anita goods! Fair Anita carries quite the variety of fair trade apparel, jewelry, bags, and more. 

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