Holiday Wish Lists: A Beneficial Tool for Conscious Holiday Gifting

sustainable christmas list

A Christmas list? You’re 22. That’s silly. Yes, but no. When we think of Christmas lists we think of kids writing to Santa. And yes, it might be silly for a 22 year old to make a Christmas list, but I do because my friends and family can be intimated by my ethical shopping habits and lifestyle and not know where to start. As I started my list this year I was thinking about it and I think holiday wish lists can be a really practical tool for impactful, conscious gift giving…even though as adults wish lists seem to be frowned upon. Hear me out….

We all know how it goes….you tell your family members not to buy you anything, but they do anyway. So you might as well get something useful or impactful instead of the cliché “I didn’t know what to get you gifts” you end up regifting or throwing out…the soap, the candles, the chocolates? You know what I’m talking about. I’m not trying to sound ungrateful, but if we’re going to gift then let’s purchase with impact and practicality, not just buying to buy.

grown up christmas list

By creating a wish list you’re encouraging your loved ones to purchase intentionally. You’re also creating an educational shopping experience by directing them to ethical brands and shops. This encourages them to learn about the socially responsible brands on your list which is great. It could be the start of their conscious consumer journey! And the money that they were going to spend on that soap and candle gift set is now going to a worthy cause because your wishes directed them there.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t NEED any of the things on my list. And I’m not going around handing out my Christmas list to everyone I know like I did as a child. But if a family member asks, it makes it easy for me to give them options based on price point and an easy link to an ethical website that I value and know has strong ethics. Whether you opt to make a wishlist or not, I encourage you to practice intentional gift giving and not just buying to buy this holiday season! You have such powerful purchase power to vote with your dollar, use it wisely and encourage others to do the same! :)