How to Wrap Gifts Sustainably This Holiday Season

sustainable gift wrap

We all know that gift wrapping isn’t the most joyous act for the planet. But wrapped presents are just so much more to give….and open! So here are a few ideas to wrap more sustainably this holiday season.

1) Wrap with recycled newspapers or brown bags.

Piece together old newspapers and use this as a fun gift wrap. It adds a bit of character to the package. Or cut up those Trader Joe’s & Target brown bags and create wrapper paper. If you’re feeling super crafty you could even paint the brown bags to make them more festive.

2) Save those gift bags people give you and reuse them.

Personally, I like to save bags when people give me gifts. That way I am able to reuse them AND it’s free. No need to spend money on gift wrapping supplies when you can just recycle what has been used before!

3) Wrap with fabric.

If you’ve ever been to Lush you’ve seen just how beautiful cloth wrapping truly can be. Gifting with cloth gives the gift receiver a wonderful opportunity to reuse the cloth as a towel, scarf, or whatever their heart desires. AND it prevents any silly wrapping materials from ending up in landfills. Ten Thousand Villages has some awesome recycled Sari Gift Wrap that is colorful and fun! Great for reusing!

4) Gift in Reusable Bags

There are some super fun and cute reusable bags! These make great gift giving supplies because it’s like a bonus gift. The gift receiver can reuse this bag when they grocery shop! How great! I recommend checking out The Tote Project. They have some really fun cotton bags that would make adorable wrapping and double as a fabulous gift as well!

5) If you’re going to buy new, buy recycled or biodegradable.

If you are shipping packages or need to buy new wrapping or packaging materials try to buy supplies that are made with recycled materials or biodegradable. They even make biodegradable packing peanuts. There is recyclable bubble wrap you can purchase for breakables. And wrapping paper and tissue paper made from recycled materials. Choose consciously! For Give a Damn Goods, I get a lot of my eco-friendly wrapping and packaging from Nashville Wraps.