Too Many Gifts? Now What?

what to do with unwanted gifts

So what now? The holidays are over and you’re starring at the pile of gifts you got, grateful, but unsure of what to do with everything….I know because I’m starring at them thinking how I’m going to fit them back into my suitcase. And especially if your New Years Resolution has anything to do with decluttering…..the holidays might not leave you in a good starting position.

Let’s be honest, you probably got a few gifts that you didn’t want, already have, or won’t use. PLEASE don’t throw them away! Enough trash ends up in our landfills from the holiday madness. Here are a few alternatives to consider when sorting through your gifts.

1) Re-Gift

There is no shame in re-gifting. In fact it’s a great alternative! Save the gift for someones birthday or next Christmas and re-gift to somebody who might actually use the item or appreciate it. We have a gift box in our closet that we keep “re-giftable” items in year round. So, if we need a last minute birthday gift, we can pull something from the box. Maybe it’s cheap, maybe it’s tacky, but its definitely an eco-friendly practice! YAY!

donate unwanted gifts

2) Host an Exchange

Invite your friends to bring their unwanted gifts and turn it into a social event. You can trade items for goods that will be more useful to you and get rid of your unwanted products.

3) Donate

When donating, please choose carefully WHERE you are donating! It’s best if you donate to a local non-profit you know will use the items. According to The True Cost, “only about 10% of what's donated gets sold in thrift stores” and a lot of the items end up in landfills or in third world countries (where they are also trashed).

4) Resell

The holidays sure do burn a hole in our pockets! Consider reselling unwanted items to put a little cash back in your pocket, keep items out of the landfill, and find the item a new owner who might use & appreciate the item. Try listing your items on Ebay, Poshmark, Amazon, or another websites that allow for easy reselling.