Let Go & Let Life: A Full Circle Journey


Sometimes the universe knows your path better than you do and puts you in the right place at the right time, surrounds you with the right people, and presents you with opportunities you didn’t even know you needed. That’s how it’s been for me. It’s funny to see the pieces come together for me. And I feel very fortunate and blessed. I’m at that uncomfortable age where half my friends are still trying to figure it out which is 100% OKAY! People think you have to have it all figured out and that’s NOT it! Embrace the journey and let the universe take control…you never know where it will take you. As an anxious control freak I know that’s easier said than done , but if this little story I’m about to tell isn’t full circle…I don’t know what is.

November 2015: This is legit a picture of me (in the raggedy looking pancho) at the first Good Makers Market in Nashville. I was a sophomore in college. And in this picture I met Lauren one of the founders of BRANDED Collective. Little did I know what a huge role my soon to be friend Lauren would play in my journey.


February 2016: I launched The Honest Consumer and soon switched my major to social entrepreneurship. I asked Lauren for coffee to learn more about her brand, how she got started, & such. The following spring I started volunteering with BRANDED Collective and doing vendor fairs with Lauren. I loved every second of it. Connecting with the customers, meeting other local entrepreneurs, sharing the story of BRANDED, and I knew I somehow wanted this to be part of my life, but wasn’t sure how.

Winter 2016: Holiday volunteering with BRANDED was my favorite! The vendor fairs were busy and it was a fun time of year! The picture on the left is Lauren & I at the Good Makers Market in 2016! It’s funny because I didn’t tell anyone to take any of these pictures…they just happened over time!

Entrepreneur Mentors

Winter 2017: I volunteered at some of my last events with BRANDED. Graduated and ended up moving away from Nashville.

September 2018: I launched Give a Damn Goods & Give a Damn Goods Wholesale and was able to include BRANDED in both! I am still honored to be representing their products and working with the kind team!

Winter 2018: I got to have my own booth at The Good Makers Market! With one of my favorite mentors at the same event! November is a month of thanks and I couldn’t be more grateful for 1) Lauren’s genuine friendship & mentorship and 2) God and/or the universe for putting her in my life and helping put the pieces together. I am fortunate to have found what I want to do so early on and have had an incredible group of people by my side making it possible. Everyone needs a Lauren in their life. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! And don’t be afraid to let go and let life because you never know where the journey will take you!