MOM&I by EK: Slow Fashion Statement Necklaces Sharing Stories

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MOM&I by EK creates detailed statement necklaces that empower women in Turkey. The limited edition necklaces are crafted with love and serve as a great conversation starter. Through MOM&I by EK’s beaded crochet necklaces, this brand is encouraging consumers to invest in high quality, slow fashion accessories that can be worn for many years.

MOM&I by EK founder, Ezgi, became fascinated with crochet necklaces after receiving one as a gift from her friend who visited Turkey. Ezgi had struggled to find non-metal jewelry that didn’t irritate her skin and the crochet necklace was a perfect fix. Ezgi showed her crafty mother the necklace and the two ladies began brainstorming how to modernize the design with beadwork. Ezgi and her mom started crafting high quality detailed necklaces functioning as wearable art and conversation starters.

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The statement necklaces are incredibly unique incorporating a variety of shapes, colors, and textures into the design of each piece. MOM&I by EK’s different collections are inspired by various elements. The Cats of Istanbul collection is inspired by the different personalities of the cats roaming around the city. This collection also donates 5 lbs of cat food to a shelter in the city with each necklace sold. The ladies also find inspiration for design in nature and the colors found in the beads. Only five of each necklace design are released making these necklaces limited edition.

Ezgi and her mom wanted to include other women from the community in their craft. Due to the lack of opportunity in Turkey older women can struggle to find work. Thankfully MOM&I by EK is making it possible for these women to earn their own money. MOM&I by EK pays their team of ten women double the minimum wage for the area. The women are able to come together to craft or work from their homes. The flexibility and fair wages allow some women who have traditionally not been able to make their own money an empowering feeling of accomplishment providing for themselves. With each necklace taking nine to ten hours to craft, these ladies are dedicated to their art.

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Personally, I love MOM&I by EK’s bold style and unique necklaces. I received the Amber Necklace and the intricate detail of the bead work is incredible. I love how the different colors, textures, and shapes come together to form a beautiful piece of art. The variety of colors allows me to pair my statement necklace with a lot of different outfits. The crocheted base of the necklace makes this piece comfortable to wear. And the necklace is surprisingly light weight which is nice. With two different snaps, I can easily adjust the length of the necklace to hang at different heights. I adore MOM&I by EK’s mission encouraging consumer to invest in quality accessories that will last. If you’re looking for a statement necklace and a conversation starter, I encourage you to check out MOM&I by EK.

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