Yuhme Water Bottles: The Sustainable Bottle Made of Sugarcane

Yuhme creates sustainable water bottles made from sugarcane. Each water bottle sold provides six months of clean water for communities in the Central African Republic.

PC: Kendal Keys

PC: Kendal Keys

After being inspired by Blake MyCoskie's book Alexandra wanted to help others. At the time she was pregnant with her second daughter and took her maternity leave to reflect. Alexandrea has always had an interest in Africa and clean water as it is one of the first steps out of poverty. After having an ah ha moment realizing her water bottle was too heavy Alexandra saw this as an opportunity for change. Alexandra and her husband were both involved with sports and wanted to create sport related momentum. A water bottle was the ideal product.

This entrepreneurial couple didn’t want to create just any water bottle, they wanted their product to be sustainable and give back. Alexandra began researching plant based materials to find a renewable resource to use in the production process. Alexandra and her husband partnered with a professor to research plant based materials and find a renewable resource to create water bottles with. Through this journey they discovered sugarcane. By fermenting sugarcane they are able to create a finished product that looks and feels like plastic while producing gas to run the plant. The team started the production process and Yuhme water bottles were born. Yuhme standing for You Us Humanity Me Environment and signifying a sense of unity between consumers and the world around them. The factory Yuhme uses ethically produces the water bottles in Sweden and is a no-waste factory. The first three designs of Yuhme bottles represent a feeling or activity. For example the power bottle came from the vision of ice cracking and lava coming up. The patterns are handmade by the designer.

To add another element to this sustainable water bottle Yuhme has partnered with Water for Good. Alexandra searched to find a charity that was small, personal, and transparent. Water for Good works across the Central African Republic training locals in well maintenance. A big issue is when Western world communities build wells, locals lack the knowledge of well maintenance and care causing the African community to end up where they were before lacking access to clean water. Through this partnership and the three months Yuhme has been on the market Yuhme has been able to donate enough funds to provide 300 years of clean water. Alexandra and her husband are hoping to travel to the Central African Republic one day to see their impact directly.  

I’m so inspired by the story and work Alexandra has done to create Yuhme. I sincerely appreciate that Yuhme products are ethically made, sustainable, AND socially responsible! What more could you ask for in a water bottle? I love my Yuhme water bottle! The design is so unique and the sugarcane aspect makes this product lighter than any water bottle I have used before. It is great for me as a student! I’ve been able to throw my Yuhme water bottle in my bag and not have to worry about it leaking! I highly recommend ordering a Yuhme water bottle!