Pickles with a Purpose

Pickles with a Purpose
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“I am not doing this to show how nice I am, but to encourage others to do amazing things.” -Luke

Nine-year old Luke was helping his mom during the holiday rush at Glory Haus, a gift company that hires from the local homeless mission MUST Ministries. One of the employees, Tim, took nine-year old Luke under his wing and showed Luke the ways of the warehouse. When Luke discovered his friend Tim was living in his car in the Walmart, Luke felt called to help Tim.

Luke’s entrepreneurial venture started out as a local lemonade stand to raise money and purchase a house for Tim.  After God spoke to Luke and encouraged his efforts, Luke’s family got on board. They decided to use grandma’s secret pickle recipe to raise funds and buy Tim a house.

To kick off Pickles with a Purpose, Luke and his family made 2,000 pickles to sell at a local event. Luke was able to speak at the Cobb Country breakfast. He was the youngest speaker alongside many city leaders. After the successful event, Pickles with a Purpose was on the path to success.

Before Luke knew it, Pickles with a Purpose had a celebrity endorsement. Sadie Robertson, from Duck Dynasty, was impressed with Luke’s hard work and agreed to match what he had already earned. At the time Luke had made $6,000 from pickle sales, Sadie matched this giving Luke a total of $12,000. The publicity from Sadie Robertson helped increase pickle sales. Luke was able to raise $60,000 and pay for Tim’s house for 18 months. Since then Pickles with a Purpose has raised even more money which is currently being donated to a homeless non-profit in Luke’s community.

One of Luke’s biggest challenges being a nine-year old business man is his struggle with being the center of attention. As Luke said, “I am not doing this to show how nice I am, but to encourage others to do amazing things.” This nine-year old is wise beyond his years. I am impressed with his giving initiative and entrepreneurial spirit at such a young age. I am excited to watch Pickles with a Purpose grow.

I got the chance to taste some Pickles with a Purpose. They are YUMMY. These pickles have a very unique taste, somewhat sweet in the beginning with a kick at the end. I highly encourage you to give these pickles a try. Pickles with a Purpose are sold online and through 6,000 retailors across the U.S.