Tornados & Planes

anxiety and travel

As I sit here writing this I am laughing. Sometimes I think my life could be a TV show because of some of the crazy days. I have not written much lately because I've been trying to play catch-up. I got the flu during midterms and have been behind ever since. Along with that crazy timing...

Last Wednesday I was rudely awaken at 7am by tornado if that alone isn't enough to give me a panic attack let's add the fact that I was supposed to be on a plane in four hours. So naturally the anxious thoughts started.

What if the tornado hits...and I lose all my sentimental belongings? Where will I live if the tornado destroys my apartment? What if a tree falls and damages my car...then how will I drive to work?I'm scared to get into a car and go to the airport. I hope my fight is delayed. What if the weather causes the plane to crash? What if I die?

Well my flight wasn't delayed. Of course the one time theres a TORNADO my flight is on time because thats reassuring. So eventually I muster up the strength, the sirens had stopped and I called the Uber. Upon arriving at the airport I was still anxious because I didn't want to get on an AIRPLANE given the current weather. I didn't really think much else could make me anxious at this point. WRONG. 

I was traveling for school, so my administrator had purchased the fights and all. I didn't have much information. I went up to customer service asked for my boarding pass. Got a boarding pass and headed to security. At the security check point the man gave me a strange look. The boarding pass customer service had given me was for a man flying to New York. Obviously I am not a man and I was not flying to New York. Back to customer service I went...

What if the school forgot to purchase my ticket. What if they gave my ticket to someone else? Who do I call? I don't have a direct cell phone number for the administrator. At least I wouldn't have to get on the plane in the storm.

At this point it is still storming and my flight is still on time. They did locate my ticket and I made it to the terminal with plenty of time. But I was exhausted the rest of the day because of all the anxiety from that morning. What a day. God had to have been looking down on me chuckling! 

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