8 Sustainable Brands Repurposing Plastic Water Bottles

Whenever I do vendor fairs for Give a Damn Goods people are always shocked when I inform them our short sleeve shirts each have 6 recycled water bottles in them! Recycled water bottles are being turned into all kinds of awesome things these days! If you’re interested in learning more about the process, click here! Below we’ve listed some innovative brands that are selling super cool products made from recycled water bottles! Prepare to be blown away!

1.Rothy’s: Sustainable Shoes

Rothy’s is making a sustainable statement in the fashion industry with their modern flats made from recycled water bottles. So far, Rothy’s has repurposed over 21,601,861 water bottles. Even the insoles are made from recycled rubber! A great sustainable shoe to try out!


blanket made from recycled water bottles

2.Newly: High End Home Goods Made from Recycled Materials

Newly is a high end home goods company creating home decor out of recycled materials. Specifically, their blankets are made with recycled water bottles and organic cotton. Each blanket is made using 51% recycled cotton & 49% recycled plastic bottles. That means each blanket reuses 12 plastic bottles and saves 2250 gallons of water, super awesome stuff! AND the blankets are incredibly soft! I have had the Cumberland blanket for a few years now!

3. Give a Damn Goods

Give a Damn Good’s short sleeve t-shirts help provide sustainable employment opportunities in Haiti and are made with eco-friendly materials. Each shirt uses 6 recycled poly water bottles and all fabric is spun, knitted, processed and finished in the USA. And the shirts are incredibly soft too! The bold Give a Damn designs are printed using vegan & eco-friendly inks!

socks made from recycled water bottles

4. TenTree Socks: Sustainable Socks

Made from 70% REPREVE Polyester, which is made using recycled water bottles, these socks are a great sustainable alternative! Each TenTree item sold also plants a tree! The nature designs on these socks are also a great reminder of the sustainable sock choice you made!

6.Girlfriend Collective: Activewear Made from Recycled Materials

Girlfriend Collective’s bold colored activewear are ethically made using recycled materials! Each pair of leggings is made in their fair trade facility in Taiwan using 25 recycled water bottles.


placemats made from recycled water bottles

6. BottleCloth: Eco-friendly Dining Style

BottleCloth table linens are perfect for adding pizzazz with a touch of sustainability. BottleCloth's bold table linens are made out of recycled plastic bottles. . BottleCloth values ease with all of their products being spill resistant, able to go in the washer and dryer, and requiring little to no ironing.  BottleCloth customers can simply set their tables and be ready to host within minutes! 

7.Allbird Shoe Laces: Sustainable Shoe Laces

Allbirds specializes in sustainable sneakers (which are super cozy BTW). Their shoe laces are made from 100% post-consumer, recycled plastic bottles. Super innovative!

clothes made from recycled water bottles

8.Recover Clothing: Eco-friendly Clothes for All

Recover’s eco-friendly apparel is made using recycled plastic water bottles. For example each polo shirt reuses 8 water bottles! What once was trash is now treasure. Their affordable price point makes this a great brand to start your conscious closet with.

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