Conscious Cleaning with Dropps Plant-Based Detergents

Dropps is an innovative brand of plant-based cleaning products encouraging consumers to take part in eco-conscious cleaning. With responsibly sourced materials and eco-friendly packaging, Dropps is the perfect brand to get conscious consumers excited about doing laundry.

For years this family owned business has been leading the way with eco-friendly cleaning. Dropps founder, Jonathan, launched Dropps in response to his mother’s struggle to find detergents that were serious about cleaning, but careful on natural fibers such as cotton. Jonathan and his mother took the plunge and created their own detergent to solve the problem. Dropps detergent focuses on plant-based ingredients making their products biodegradable, chlorine-free, and free of harsh chemicals.

In order to reduce the amount of wasted detergent, money, & plastic bottles ending up in landfills, Dropps came out with the pre-measured laundry detergent pod. Yes, this innovative company invented the little pods that we all know and love. This product revolutionized the industry. Part of Dropps mission is to inspire the entire cleaning product & laundry industry to be more conscious of the materials used & the impact of the industry on the environment. Dropps has been excited to see more companies adapting the pod concept. The Dropps team hopes that more cleaning companies will follow their lead and transition to compostable packaging, cleaner ingredients, and responsible sourcing as the industry progresses.

Recently I got to try out some Dropps products and I’m so impressed. Really and truly, I love them. Let me start by saying I have sensitive skin and can get irritated by some laundry detergents, but the Dropps laundry detergent pods worked like a charm for me! I think the Lavender Eucalyptus scent is my favorite! Relaxing & fresh! The pods are easy to use and I can feel confident using this plant-based detergent on my clothes.

Through my chat with the Dropps team I learned that most people tend to over-pour laundry detergent. For most consumers (including myself) it’s our instinct to pour the detergent to the top of the cap. But most of the time this is far more than we need which ends up wasting detergent AND can leave leftover residue on the garments. The leftover residue can attract dirt and soil allowing the clothes get dirtier, faster. Enzymes are stain fighters and using stain fighters regularly when not needed is what eats away at fibers and causes them to wear out faster. If we’re thinking about the big picture here, our clothes breaking down quicker can contribute to the textile waste issue too! All that to say I LOVE the Dropps pods because I can feel confident about how much detergent I’m using, know that I’m not over-pouring, and know that the ingredients will be gentle on my clothes.

dropps detergent review

I was also pleased with the dishwasher pods. It’s always wonderful to be reminded that we don’t have to use harsh chemicals and harmful materials to keep our homes clean. The plant-based dishwasher pods are keeping our dishes squeaky clean!

As consumers, we regularly think about what we’re putting inside our bodies, but we often struggle to think about what we put on our bodies and how cleaning products can affect us. Thankfully, Dropps is changing that by creating plant-based cleaners, educating consumers, & making it easy for conscious consumers to take part in eco-friendly cleaning practices. Dropps actually got me excited about doing laundry & cleaning….which is hard to do!

I’m really impressed by Dropps transparency to consumers. They even have an ingredient glossary that further explains some of the ingredients customers might see in their products. And I really appreciate that Dropps is focusing on the big picture by leading the industry. This brands is doing great things all around and I encourage you to check out their mission and give their products a try. Use the code HONESTCONSUMER20 for 20% off!

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