Sneakers That Give Back: Vita Shoes

Vita sneakers are great for your feet and even better for the world! These innovative shoes are made with organic and recycled materials AND set aside 10% of each pair sold to lead service projects impacting homeless communities.

Vita Shoes founder, Daniel grew up in the Dallas area admiring sneakers from a young age. When Daniel's family struggled to afford a decent pair of shoes, Daniel began dreaming up the ideal sneakers and sketching his own creations. Ever since junior high Daniel has enjoyed spending his time "sneaker watching" as people walk by. This allowed him to get inspired and develop the vision for Vita Shoes. After many years of dreaming, Daniel founded Vita Shoes while he was in college. 

Inspired by his upbringing, Daniel launched Vita with the mission of creating a shoe for people of all walks of life. Daniel wanted his brand to include his own journey and heritage. He combined his studies of Latin and his Nigerian heritage by using the name Vita, meaning life in Latin, and the Egyptian hieroglyph for life as the symbol for Vita. Daniel's humble upbringing inspired him to serve the less fortunate. During the first year Daniel sold 250 pairs of Vita shoes and set aside $4 from each pair towards his project of helping those in need. His first project included working with the Austin Street Center donating over $1000 in food, medicine, and supplies benefiting the homeless community.

Daniel, founder of Vita Shoes 

Daniel, founder of Vita Shoes 

Daniel is continuing to improve his sneakers to be the best they can be while keeping them affordable. The Vita 2 shoes are made using organic fabric and recycled materials. A portion of current sales are going towards Daniel's next project La Vita e Bella, giving Austin's homeless youth the opportunity to explore creativity and environmental consciousness. Daniel wanted to provide a workshop for the youth that would allow them to take their mind off of their current troubles and open their minds to self expression and new ideas. Daniel will be providing the youth with white sneakers to decorate as a way to express their creativity. Individuals will be able to share their designs with the group. The youth will then discuss environmental issues that might have effects on their specific generation and learn what they can do to be environmentally conscious. I love that Daniel's story has come full circle. His dream sneakers came to life and he's continued to stay humble to who he is and where he came from by giving back. 

I am in LOVE with my Vita 2 sneakers. They are incredibly comfortable. The design of the Vita 2 is great because it can be used for athletic activities like running or for my lazy days lounging around in a casual outfit. The pink compliments the white and grey adding a pop of color to my shoes. I think my favorite part is that these sneakers are made with responsible materials AND give back. Daniel needs about $500 more to start on his La Vita e Bella service project, so hop on over and purchase a pair of shoes to help him reach his goal!