My New Favorite Tony's Chocolonely Chocolate Bar

Tony's Chocolonely New Chocolate Bar Flavor Review

My friends at Tony's Chocolonely were so kind to let me taste some of their newly released flavors and a few of their traditional chocolate bars! Tony's Chocolonely crafts sweet, slave-free chocolate bars! Their chocolate bars come in a variety of unique flavors and can be found online or in certain stores. 

My new favorite flavor of Tony's Chocolonely is the Dark Milk Pretzel Toffee Bar! It is so incredibly yummy! This is the perfect chocolate bar for consumers who love salty sweet treats! The crunch of the toffee and saltiness of the pretzel within the chocolate bar adds a unique texture and taste to this fair trade chocolate bar! 

I also tried their new Milk Chocolate Hazelnut bar which was fabulous! With large chunks of hazelnut melted into the bar, this chocolate bar is filled with flavor! And of course I always love their traditional Milk Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt bar! Another excellent choice for chocoholics who love that salty and sweet combo! The Dark Almond Sea Salt is another fabulous bar! Especially for people who love chocolate covered nuts! 

Did you know child labor and human trafficking are major issues in the chocolate industry? It is estimated that in Ghana and the Ivory Coast 2.3 million children work on cocoa farms, 90% of which are under illegal conditions. Thankfully, Tony's Chocolonely is taking action by creating slave free chocolate bars. Tony's Chocolonely is on a mission to make, not only their chocolate, but all chocolate slave free. However, this requires the help of chocoholics everywhere! By choosing to purchase Tony's chocolate you are using your consumer vote for good by demanding fair chocolate. Check out their story more in depth in their full feature on The Honest Consumer here. I encourage you to check out Tony's Chocolonely and learn more about the chocolate industry! 

*Statistics provided are from Tony Chocolonely's website referencing studies done by Tulane University.