Unboxing Ugly Produce: The Subscription Box Reducing Food Waste

Imperfect Produce is an "ugly produce" subscription box that focuses on bringing imperfect produce into consumers homes at a discount rate. This is done through their network of 150 farmers and the close following of the journey of produce that could go to waste. The Guardian reports that an estimated 160 billion dollars of produce goes to waste in the United States each year. That is a ridiculous amount of wasted food. Check out my unboxing video to learn more!

What is Ugly Produce?

Ugly produce can mean a lot of different things! Basically stores & consumers have an ideal image of what we want our food to look like. If the produce grows into a funny shape, has abnormal coloring, or marks, this produce can go to waste. Farmers can't pack the abnormal sized produce into the crates to meet the necessary requirements to sell. Grocery stores won't buy it because they want produce that fits nicely on display shelves. And thus begins the cycle of ugly produce waste. Imperfect Produce reports that 20% of produce doesn't even leave U.S. farms based on how it looks. What a silly waste! There are many people in our country who are in need of food and it's crazy to think we're letting so much go to waste based on appearance. 

Imperfect Produce Box

Reducing Food Waste with a Subscription Box

It's on the inside that counts and that's what Imperfect Produce is showing consumers through their produce boxes. Customers can select a variety of options such as amount, fruits/veggies, organic/non-organic, and how often they would like a box delivered. For my first box I opted for the medium organic box. We got SO much wonderful produce! A few of the items we got were blueberries, radishes, onions, squash, plums, and so much more. Check out my unboxing video for the details! The produce tastes fabulous and the imperfections are minor. So crazy to think this food could've gone to waste. 

The Environmental Impact

Aside from being wasteful, our food has a dramatic impact on the environment. When food ends up in a landfill this can create methane gas which can contribute to climate change and global warming. One of the cool features on Imperfect Produce's website is you can see your direct impact from the boxes you've purchased. My box alone diverted 11 pounds of produce, saved 63 gallons of water, and kept 38 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the air because we kept this produce out of the landfill. 

Food Waste with Ugly Produce

Giving Back

Imperfect Produce has partnered with a number of non-profits to give back. Since Imperfect Produce is saving food that would typically be wasted, there is more produce readily available which allows them to share these yummy fruits and veggies with other communities. For a detailed list of Imperfect Produce's non-profit partnerships check out their website. An example of one of their partnerships is 18 Reasons which provides free cooking classes to low income families in the Bay Area, allowing these families to learn how to cook healthy meals on a budget. 18 Reasons uses Imperfect Produce in some of their cooking classes due to Imperfect Produce's generous donations. 

Discount on YOUR First Box

Use this link to get $10 off your first Imperfect Produce box! Woohoo! Imperfect Produce delivers to Seattle, San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County, Portland, Chicago, Indianapolis, & Milwaukee. But if they are not near you right now, don't worry they're growing fast!

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