Packing for Travel: A Form of Mindfulness & Minimalism

how to pack consciously for travel

Packing for a trip can be a form of mindfulness and minimalism leading us to be more aware of our belongings. Only being able to select a certain amount of garments, shoes, and goods encourages us to prioritize our belongings. And so often we tend to overpack. What will the weather be like? What events will I be going to? Questions like these cause travelers to pack way more than they need. And these were definitely questions running through my mind as we packed for Dublin a few weeks ago. But in all honestly packing for this week long trip was a breeze because I lived out of a carry-on for three weeks during our trip last summer. Here are a few conscious packing tips and tricks! If you’re packing for a longer trip consider reading ETHICAL STYLE LIVING OUT OF A CARRY ON FOR 3 WEEKS: CLOTHES TO PACK.

What luggage to bring?

We were trying to be frugal and I didn’t want to overpack so we just did the classic carry-on. I used my fair trade Terra Thread backpack to hold my electronics, books, EverTravel Pillow, Organic Cotton Eye Mask, and anything else to entertain me during the seventeen hour plane ride. My favorite travel purse from Empire of Bees was also stuffed in my backpack. By having both a backpack and a purse, I had options for carrying my daily essentials when we were exploring Dublin. If we were doing more exploring I could take the larger backpack, but if we were just sightseeing I used my Empire of Bees purse. On top of the backpack I had my clothes, shoes, and toiletries in a carry-on sized suitcase….so how did I decide what to pack in my suitcase?

ethical spring sweater

Pack pieces that layer nicely.

Yes, I was concerned about the weather. Dublin was supposed to be in the 40s/50s with rain. So it wasn’t unbearably cold, but I needed to be able to layer up, keep warm, and stay dry, so I obviously packed a winter rain coat….well I wore it on the plane to prevent a puffy coat from taking up room in my suitcase. A few great pieces I packed to layer included Everlane’s Cotton Long Sleeve Crew Sweater due to the light weight of the top and the neutral color, Everlane’s Clean Silk Relaxed Shirt because this versatile top can be dressed up or dressed down, Known Supply’s Sasha Top in two different colors bc this top is GREAT as another piece that can be dressed up or dressed down, and a few secondhand sweaters. I packed two basic t-shirts and one pair of PJ bottoms. For bottoms I brought one pair of dark jeans because I think dark jeans are easier to dress up, if need be, and a few different pairs of leggings. I love leggings because they’re comfortable for exploring and depending on what leggings you get….nobody even knows they’re leggings.

Pack Practical Shoes & Versatile Accessories

If you’re packing consciously, shoes can be a struggle. Try to find shoes that are comfortable and go with multiple outfits I brought three pairs of shoes. Packed two and wore one on the plane. My Allbirds are my go-to travel/exploring shoes because they are SO comfortable! And they’re super easy to wash too! I packed my Nisolo flat’s for any more formal occasions. If I needed to dress up my jeans or my leggings ;) I also packed my Self Love Z Shoes sneakers because the black and white colors goes went all the clothes I packed. I mentioned “dressing up” garments if you’re going our for a fancy dinner or heading to a nice event. Pack a few nice jewelry pieces that can be worn with multiple garments. These accessories are an easy way to dress up more casual clothing. I packed a small jewelry bag with about three necklaces, not a lot, but it was enough.


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