Lemur Bags: Give Back & Save the Lemurs

Lemur Bags is on a mission to protect the critically endangered lemurs through the creation of their bold print, cotton canvas bags. Lemur Bags donates 15% of all profits to lemur conservation organizations.

After growing up in North Carolina and visiting the Duke Lemur Center, Lemur Bags Founder, Chris had a special place in his heart for the furry friends. When he traveled to Southeast Asia, Chris learned about social enterprises which were positively impacting a variety of causes. The aspiring entrepreneur connected the dots and was inspired to start a business to help keep Lemurs off of the list of extinct animals.

Lemur Bags works with a small family-run business in Thailand to ethically craft the bags using high quality materials. Lemur Bags are made using materials such as natural cotton canvas, recyclable polypropylene straps, and cotton ropes. Each bag has a fun print (such as pineapples, palm trees, bananas, and more) giving these bags personality and complementing each consumer’s style. Lemur Bags are sold at an affordable price point to consumers with all bags under $30. Lemur Bags can be found on their website and on their Amazon store.

Lemur Bags donates 15% of all profits to Lemur Conservation organizations. Currently Lemur Bags is working with or donating to Lemur Conservation Network, Duke Lemur Center, LemurLove.org, and Lemur Conservation Foundation with hopes to keep lemurs alive and off the extinction list.

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling this summer and having a durable bag for luggage is very important. I love my Pineapple Duffel bag because it is a great size for a weekend getaway and a good carry-on bag. The fun print adds a bit of flare to my luggage which makes my bag easy to find. My duffel bag is durable and well made. I love the unique mission of bags that are helping the lemurs. I encourage you to check out Lemur Bags and consider supporting their work.

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