Reminders & Reflections from the 2018 Fair Trade Fashion Show

Back in November I had the honor of attending the Fair Trade Fashion Show in Los Angeles. It took me about a month, but I’m finally sitting down and reflecting. The Fair Trade Fashion Show was a magical event. It was wonderful to see so many fashion activists, change-makers, and creatives in one place. The marketplace featured a wide variety of ethical vendors showcasing their fashion and beauty products while spreading the word of their heartfelt missions. The panels were informative and the speakers were well versed in their field with a wealth of information. The runway outfits were beautifully curated, the music was on point, and the people were some of the most kind, caring creatives I’ve ever met. I even got to meet a few of my online friends in real life. Here are a few lessons I was reminded of while at the event.

1. People DO care.

Being an activist of any kind can be an incredibly draining field, especially in the fashion industry. It’s so easy to get bogged down by all the negatives. Fast fashion surrounds us daily and sometimes it feels like people don’t care. But the Fair Trade Fashion Show was a perfect example of people coming together for something that matters and using their platforms and voices to let the world know that they DO care.

2. It’s a team effort.

One of the thing I loved about the fashion show was the diversity of roles. There were fashion bloggers, fashion designers, photographers, journalists, activists, students, and more! We were all brought together and unified by this wonderful event and our passion for impactful change. It really reminded me of the larger picture. We all need each other to create meaningful change!

Amour Vert Store in Santa Monica

3. Fast fashion is a heavy topic, but keeping it light hearted is important too.

I loved that there was discussion on fast fashion, a very daunting and loaded topic. But the event was beautifully done in a way that it celebrated the change we’re moving towards. Instead of getting bogged down by all the horrors with fast fashion, we acknowledge them and celebrated the change-makers working to revolutionize the fashion industry. This was a good reminder that as we go forward and spread the message of ethical fashion to focus on the positives. People beginning their conscious consumer journey are typically more responsive to the fashion education that is presented in a positive manner rather than getting bombarded with all the horrors of the industry.

4. Celebrate creatives more often.

This event was a good reminder that we need to celebrate creatives more often. It was super cool to see all the pieces of the fashion show come together. The fair trade clothes by the designers with the ethically crafted jewelry and the cruelty free make-up. Creatives work hard and I think so often their work is not appreciated enough.

5. Beauty from Darkness

As one of my favorite BRANDED bracelets states, Beauty from Darkness. This movement began due to some dark events in the fast fashion industry, but those dark events have sparked a lot of beauty. The gorgeous ethical designs by the fair trade brands and by bringing together so many beautiful souls who are passionate about the Fashion Revolution.

I wish I could relive the Fair Trade Fashion Show over again! But I’ll take the lessons and continue working to connect and educate others on their purchase power…and wait on the edge of my seat until next year’s fashion show! ;)