5 Ethical Clothing Brands Celebrating Fair Fashion & Feminism

When you choose to purchase ethically made and fair trade clothing, you’re voting for feminism and the fair treatment of women. It is estimated that 80% of the garment industry is made up of women. Unfortunately there is a lot of abuse within traditional fast fashion garment factories and this abuse directly impacts women due to the large percentage of workers. Your purchase to support brands who use ethical and fair trade practices empowers women around the world. This gives women the opportunity to earn a fair wage and support their families. I highly encourage reading this short piece, Gender: Women Workers Mistreated from the Clean Clothes Campaign, to learn a bit more about what women in the garment industry experience. Choose ethical fashion & vote with your dollar!

ROUND + SQUARE: Tees Supporting Equal Rights

ROUND + SQUARE’s ethical clothing supports equal rights, sustainability, and transparent supply chains. ROUND + SQUARE clothing is crafted using organic cotton and donates 10% of profits to Equality Now, a non-profit fighting for legal rights for women and girls around the world. I love the message behind the Girl Power Boxy Cut Powder tee. This organic cotton tee is a great conversation starter. The playful design keeps the bold message playful, yet meaningful!

Mata Traders: Vintage Style

Mata Traders is working to make fair trade fashion readily available to consumers through vintage inspired designs and affordable prices. Mata Traders’ fair trade clothing is ethically crafted by women cooperatives in India and Nepal providing fair wages, a safe space, and the tools needed for individuals to rise above poverty.

Dazey LA: Feminist Tees

Dazey LA celebrates slow fashion with their bold feminist designed tees which empower women through retro style. Apparel is ethically made to order in Los Angeles celebrating slow fashion. Designs are drawn and photographed by the founder who uses her fashion to make bold statements on inclusion, equal rights, and other social issues. Their retro style is a unique was to make a fashion statement and stand up for what you believe in. Use the code HONEST10 for 10% off your order.

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Liz Alig: Functional Fair Trade Fashion

Liz Alig strives to create functional, fair-trade fashion for the modern woman. Liz Alig's purposeful fashion is crafted with a transparent supply chain, socially responsible materials, and creates a positive impact for growing communities. Liz Alig’s partnering fair trade cooperatives, workshops, & NGO’s use their funds to offer free skills training to women and free nursery care for young children.

The Fabric Social: Unique Style

The Fabric Social works through collaborative partnerships in India & Myanmar turning unique fabrics into fashionable garments. By partnering and providing business for existing women run co-ops, The Fabric Social is able to help co-ops expand, offering safe working conditions and fair payment to more women in these communities.works through collaborative partnerships in India & Myanmar turning unique fabrics into fashionable garments.

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