30 Brands That Give Back When You Shop

Love making an impact with your purchase? Check out this list of brands that give back featuring over 30+ socially responsible brands giving back to different causes.

Featuring Namaste style  Yuhme Sugar Cane Water Bottle

Featuring Namaste style Yuhme Sugar Cane Water Bottle

Featuring goods from  Sanaya Set Subscription Box

Featuring goods from Sanaya Set Subscription Box

Sustainably styled in retro glasses from  Retrospecced

Sustainably styled in retro glasses from Retrospecced

Featuring Proud Pour wine

Featuring Proud Pour wine

Ethical and sustainable engagement ring from Miadonna

Ethical and sustainable engagement ring from Miadonna

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sneakers that give back
fazl socks give back
jewelry that gives back
  1. Yuhme creates sustainable water bottles made from sugarcane. Each water bottle sold provides six months of clean water for communities in the Central African Republic through their partnership with the non-profit Water for Good.

  2. 5028 is a small-batch artisan shoe company focused on the art of crafting shoes through ethical practices and upcycled materials. 5028 furthers their social impact by donating $5 from each pair sold to mental health support groups.

  3. ROUND + SQUARE creates feminist apparel using organic materials while donating 10% of sales profits to Equality Now. Equality Now Org., is a non-profit organization that uses the law to bring a more equal and just reality for women and girls around the world.

  4. Love Justly works in partnership with ethical clothing companies to purchase their excess stock, reselling the fairly made items at a more affordable price in their online boutique. 5% of Love Justly profits give back to Legacy Collective which is an organization that focuses on partnering, pioneering, and funding solutions that last.

  5. United By Blue is on a mission to show our oceans & waterways some love by removing trash all over the country. For each product sold, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways through organized community clean-ups.

  6. Amour Vert focuses on sustainable fashion through their eco-friendly materials and tree planting initiative. With every purchase of a tee, we will plant a tree in North America with our partner American Forest.

  7. Sanaya Set is a seasonal collection of intentional products focused on self care and social justice. This beautifully curated set, available by subscription or as a stand-alone purchase, is empowering womxn and educating individuals on intersectionality. Each quarter when a new box is released Sanaya Set partners with a non-profit organization to donate 10% of profits to. Sanaya Set has donated to organizations such as OneAmerica, which focuses on immigrant and refugee advocacy organization, Planned Parenthood, and ACLU which works to defend the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States.

  8. Retrospecced is a social enterprise that recycles and refurbishes retro and designer spectacle frames. AND they give back too! Through Retrospecced’s partnership with Vision Aid Overseas, Lucy and Tracey refurbish and upcycle antique, retro frames (like Lucy’s old Pradas) and donate 20% of their profits to Vision Aid Overseas. Vision Aid Overseas provides vision care for people in need in Africa. 

  9. Long Dog Clothing Company creates ethically made pet apparel and gives back 15% of proceeds to local dog charities helping rescue dogs find their forever homes.

  10. Love with Food is a subscription box of healthy, all natural, and organic snacks. For each box of snacks sold, a meal is donated to a homeless shelter. 

  11. For each pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker gives a pair to someone in need through their partnership with VisionSpring. With Warby Parker's unique Home Try-On program, you can stay in the comfort of your home while finding the glasses of your dreams AND making a difference. 

  12. Proud Pour wine gives back to environmental restoration through partnerships with non-profit organizations working to restore ecosystems. Currently Proud Pour is focusing their cause based efforts on the oysters and bees in North America.

  13. MiaDonna creates eco-friendly engagement rings and jewelry using lab grown diamonds and recycled materials. MiaDonna sets aside a minimum of 5% of profits to donate to their non-profit Greener Diamond Foundation.

  14. Light Shine Candles donates a portion of proceeds to Global Outreach Developments International to encourage community development in El Salvador. 

  15. THINX period panties are a sustainable alternative to pads that also give back to women in need. THINX works to provide period products to communities who do not have access to menstrual products. Through THNIX’s EveryBody program, they work with schools and nonprofits to empower young people with medically accurate and inclusive information about their changing bodies.

  16. Dynamikos creates bold, thoughtfully designed eyewear and uses 20% of net profits to invest in humanitarian and environmental conservation efforts through their non-profit partnerships.

  17. Vitamin D to The Rescue is a new brand of vitamin D supplements that gives back to nonprofits working to end human trafficking. For each bottle sold, $5 is donated to their partnering organizations.

  18. Paper Culture matches modern design with sustainability through their beautiful wedding invites, save the dates, & stationery. Paper Culture’s cards are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper which means no trees are cut down in the process. AND each order plants a tree.

  19. Lemur Bags is on a mission to protect the critically endangered lemurs through the creation of their bold print, cotton canvas bags. Lemur Bags donates 15% of all profits to lemur conservation organizations.

  20. PrAna focuses on fair trade and sustainable apparel. PrAna uses materials such as recycled wool, 100% organic cotton, and recycled polyester. Prana partners with local and international charities to give back a portion of their proceeds.

  21. Wild Dill focuses on being a one-stop shop for all organic, natural, & fair trade baby and kid products including clothes, toys, and more. Wild Dill gives back a portion of their proceeds to their non-profit partner The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.

  22. The Tote Project’s pouches and bags are ethically made by survivors of trafficking and socially disadvantaged women. The Tote Project also donates 10% of proceeds to their non-profit partner Two Wings.

  23. Moeloco is an Australian based social enterprise operating on a one for one model. For each pair of flip-flops sold a pair of canvas shoes are donated to children in India through their partnership with The Hope Foundation.

  24. Vita sneakers are great for your feet and even better for the world! These innovative shoes are made with organic and recycled materials AND set aside 10% of each pair sold to lead service projects impacting homeless communities.

  25. 1220 Bloom Street sells intricate, hand sewn accessories donating 25% of sales to hospice care in Nashville.

  26. Fazl Socks donates 50% of profits to the children’s homes. These homes provide food, education, and shelter to orphans. 

  27. Mini + Meep creates earthy, eclectic style for tiny humans beginning their journey in the world. Mini + Meep apparel is not only ethically made, but also socially responsible giving 10% of all proceeds to UNICEF’s Children’s Rights and Emergency Relief Organization which supplies children in need with essentials such as clean water and nutrients. 

  28. Love Goodly is a bimonthly subscription box allowing consumers to discover nontoxic beauty, eco lifestyle and wellness products at a great price. The brands Love Goodly carries are cruelty-free, organic, non-gmo, eco-friendly and vegan. With each purchase, Love Goodly gives back to a cause.

  29. TenTree: ($) TenTree’s sustainable apparel focuses on eco-friendly values by planting trees with every purchase.

  30. GoodBeads jewelry is carefully crafted with a love for nature and sustainable materials. For each piece of jewelry sold, GoodBeads donates $5 to a partnering nonprofit focusing on wildlife & conserving the environment.