Stay Cozy with Kyrgies Wool Slippers

Wool Slippers Creating Employment Opportunities

During this chilly time of year cozy house shoes are essential! Luckily Kyrgies is providing consumers with comfortable, light weight house shoes created with care using traditional practices of wool felting. Kyrgies values people and the planet by partnering with an art collective empowering women in Kyrgyzstan through fair wages. This gives women the opportunity to make a living while carrying out their thousand year old practices. 

Kyrgies' co-founders were inspired by the uniqueness of the wool felt shoe when a pair was brought back from Kyrgyzstan. The eager entrepreneurs wanted to make the comfortable house shoes available in America and empower communities in Kyrgyzstan. After discovering a mutual connection, the Kyrgies co-founders were able to build a relationship with an art collective in Kyrgyzstan and began sourcing the house shoes. Since founding Kyrgies, their partnering Kyrgyzstan art collective has been able to hire more artisans to meet the demand.

According to one of the co-founders, Barclay, the practice of felting is a traditional practice taught at a young age in Kyrgyzstan. Wool felt is used to make homes and clothes because the material is durable and accessible. This labor intensive process includes steps such as sheering the sheep, putting wool into water, dying, pulling the wool out and rolling the material to take it's form. The art collective Kyrgies partners with mix their hands in water, wool, and 100% natural soap, not harmful toxic chemicals. By sourcing their felt products in Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgies is supporting a sustainable cultural legacy.

On top of valuing people, Kyrgies also values the planet by participating in the 1% for the Planet initiative. Kyrgies also demonstrates their love for the planet by using recycled packaging to ship orders.

I'm SO in love with my Grey Indoor/Outdoor Kyrgies!! They are incredibly comfortable and durable. Warm for the winter, but very breathable. They are SO light weight! It's have to try them out for yourself.